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Ferret's Occupational Hygiene & Environmental category features a range of hygiene and environmental products and related equipment for Australia's manufacturing, mining and industrial workplaces.

See the latest products, news and videos from suppliers of HVAC, air pollution control, cleaning equipment, hazardous & waste equipment, noise control, spill control & containment, ventilation & extraction equipment and more.

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Many different varieties of calibration gases are available
Supplier news
10/07/16 - Confined space instruments are generally tested to ensure calibration before use. Calibration gases are available from Active Environmental Solutions to e
Active Environmental Solutions DustTrak II Aerosol and Dust Monitor
Supplier news
10/07/16 - Active Environmental Solutions shares the new DustTrak II Aerosol and Dust Monitor laser photometer that effectively improves reliability and keeps costs t
Active Environmental Solutions Aerosol and Dust Monitor Environmental Enclosure
Supplier news
09/07/16 - Active Environmental Solutions release DustTrak Aerosol and Dust Monitor Environmental Enclosures that protect DustTrak II and DRX Aerosol Monitor Models 8
How can HVAR R mechancis improve their productivity
Supplier news
17/02/16 - The typical HVAC R company may employ anywhere between five and 12 mechanics, all of whom work with a variety of systems
The testo 115i can clamp onto any component you need temperatures for
Supplier news
17/02/16 - HVAC R mechanics typically require expensive instruments to accurately gauge refrigerant levels, measure carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and gather other data.
Smart Probes
Supplier news
21/01/16 - ​HVAC specialists, electricians and other blue-collar professionals are continuously turning to their smartphones and tablets to store information
How can you control emissions in underground mines
Supplier news
21/01/16 - Australia's mining companies rely on a range of diesel-powered equipment to sustain operations.
Mould can come in a variety of forms
Supplier news
21/01/16 - Poorly ventilated, damp environments allow mould to thrive, posing a number of health risks to building inhabitants.
EPSA provides engines to industrial businesses throughout Australia
Supplier news
21/01/16 - Energy Power Systems Australia (EPSA) is one of the largest Caterpillar engine dealers throughout the country.
Cummins provides engines to off-road truck OEMs
Supplier news
21/01/16 - Cummins Power Generation delivers gas- and diesel-powered engines to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
Annual Electrical Student Excellence Awards 2015
Supplier news
21/01/16 - In Australia, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions have been a key provider of vocational tertiary education
If you're considering pursuing HVAC here's what you need to know
Supplier news
20/01/16 - Working as an HVAC mechanic can be a rewarding career. The trade not only presents mental challenges but also enables professionals to work with

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