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Intelligent Flexible Swinging Doors for high traffic environments
Flexible PVC Swing Doors are used in high traffic areas that are in need of sturdy barriers with easy access
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Optimum Handling Solutions
Optimum Handling Solutions supply specialised solutions that are designed to eliminate hand lifting when loading and unloading palletised goods. These equipment and materials include scissor lift tables, fork stackers, stretch wrapping equipment, racking ...
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Flexshield manufacture, install and supply a range of equipment for industrial noise control and soundproofing. Products include generators, acoustic enclusers, acoustic panels, louvres and doors. A consulting and design service is available to clients, ...
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Sound Stop acoustic screens for effective noise control
Supplier news
02/09/09 - Sound Stop acoustic screens are being used increasingly in industry as a most effective and versatile solution to noise issues.
Noise and sound control curtains
Supplier news
07/04/09 - Noise curtains and sound control curtains are available from Flexshield. Noise curtains and sound control curtains provide effective attenuation and absorption of noise.
PVC strip doors and PVC strip curtains
Supplier news
06/04/09 - The Flexshield PVC strip door or strip curtain solution suits most doorway and screen problem. Flexshield strip doors, strip curtains and industrial barriers can help to save energy, improve worker co
Flexshield PVC strip curtains
Supplier news
03/04/09 - Flexshield PVC strip curtains are an economical solution to all industrial doorway problems. Flexshield PVC strip curtains are used to control noise, dust, fumes and smoke, wind, rain, flying insects and birds.
Sound control curtains
Supplier news
12/03/09 - Flexshield help many businesses to meet Work Place Health and Safety laws with their sound control curtains. Noisy work stations often require numerous interventions involving the handling of bulky eq
Attenuators / splitters
Supplier news
11/03/09 - Flexshield attenuators/splitters are designed to eliminate noise from air intake or air discharge on plant equipment.

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