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InterCEL provides communications expertise in the field of Wireless GSM modems for data, fax, voice & SMS capability. Wireless Data Acquisition and Transfer via GSM, mobile or fixed terminals. Engineering support for application integration.
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ETM Pacific ETM Pacific Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of ETM Matteknik AB of Sweden, founded in 1995 as a supplier of industrial cellular machine to machine (M2M) communications. The company has now grown and is known as a leading manufacturer of cellular ...
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NetComm designs, manufactures and distributes a range of commercial/industrial grade routers and modems specifically built for use over the cellular networks in areas of development of hardware, development of custom firmware to meet specific customer ...
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ETM350C Industrial 3G Ethernet Router Range
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17/08/11 - The ETM350C Industrial 3G Ethernet Router Range, from ETM Pacific, offers the 2G and 3G modems with SMS alarm and control devices.

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