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Multicard is an identification technology company focusing on personalization, programming and issuance of ID credentials based in Brisbane, Australia. Multicard offers a panel of services from online express ID cards delivery to customized ID management ...
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A new technology to charge smartphones
23/03/17 - Sony has patented a new technology that looks like it will enable one person to use their smartphone to charge another person’s handset.
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12/03/15 - STMicroelectronics has partnered with ams AG to launch a new NFC system reference design for secure transactions on mobile and wearable devices.
​STMICROELECTRONICS and Austria-based ams have introduced an NFC system reference design for mobile and wearable devices.
12/03/15 - STMICROELECTRONICS and Austria-based ams have introduced an NFC system reference design for mobile and wearable devices.
The card will be the first in Japan to combine both the latest VISA/MasterCard/JCB dual-interface payment schemes and the FeliCa-based payment applications in a single chip
24/11/14 - STMICROELECTRONICS says Sony will use its dual-interface secure microcontroller in new micropayment-enabled cards for Japanese consumers.
Airoha Technology is a fabless design company for wireless communication products.
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11/06/14 - STMICROELECTRONICS says Airoha Technology has selected its dynamic NFC tag memory component for its latest Bluetooth audio-module reference design.
According to Australian tailor M.J. Bale, the Power Suit allows the user to pay for drinks, food and services “invisibly”, by waving their sleeve in front of a Visa payWave terminal.
22/04/14 - WHAT brings together an Australian tailor, a bank, and Visa? A prototype “Power Suit”, with a contactless payment chip fused into the sleeve.
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15/12/09 - Multicard Australia announced today that their sister company Arygon have launched a highly customisable high-speed NFC reader platform for authenticating, reading and writing all Mifare and FeliCa family transponders.

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