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SYNCTEK provides Electrical / Electronic products such as Motor Load Protection Devices, Electronic Shear pins, Pump Protection Monitors, Shock Relays, True Motor Power Monitors and Domestic and Commercial Energy Monitoring Solutions for Electrical Power, ...
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Ci Technologies offers Process Instrumentation and system implementation. Applications include, flow measurement of liquids,gases, and solids. PH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen. Inline optical instrumentation for Turbidity, Solids concentration/ Slurry, ...
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Wireless Communications Controller.
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Em20 Energy Meters
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03/12/09 - The Em20 Energy Meter is available with with several interface options, including Clipsal C-Bus, Modbus RTU, Wired and Wireless Wifi Ethernet networks.
Agilent products
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15/05/07 - Agilent Technologies Inc. announced a strategic partnership with Mentor Graphics, licensing to Agilent certain products in the Mentor Graphics Volcano(r) product line.
InterlinkBT Spanner module.
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22/02/02 - InterlinkBT has announced its new FDN-DN1 "Spanner" module. The Spanner module provides a means to route data between two PLCs using DeviceNet. It eliminates the need for a high-level control network pyramid by connecting the DeviceNet networks directly. ...

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