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Mould Remediation

Quietest sub floor ventilation system on the market
Quad fan sub floor ventilation is comparatively quieter than other systems, can be installed by the home owner and has a solar power option.
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Asbestos Removal Projects Pty Ltd (ARP) is Licenced by WorkCover NSW to remove friable and bonded asbestos including asbestos roof removal, friable asbestos insulation, asbestos contaminated soil remediation and all types of ACM. ARP services also include ...
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Australian Enviro Services (AES) is an environmental engineering company that specialises in contaminated site remediation. Our project managers are experienced in delivering difficult environmental projects by using innovative approaches, advanced remediation ...
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Envirofan primarily offers solutions to sub floor ventilation problems. This is achieved by sub floor systems and sub floor ventilation fans, underfloor systems and underfloor fans. Secondary impetus is given to roof ventilation systems and roof fans. ...
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Particle and Surface Sciences provide Scientific Instruments for particle characterisation services to research, industrial and pharmaceutical companies. PsS Also offers Laboratory services and technical advice.
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Cold Jet Australia leads the development of dry ice blasting and dry ice production equipment and sets the standard for quality, performance and reliability. Products and services include dry ice block, nuggets and pellets, contract cleaning services, ...
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Mould removal and remediation services offered by Asbestos Removal Projects Pty Ltd
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28/02/11 - The mould removal and remediation services offered by Asbestos Removal Projects Pty Ltd can create a healthier, safer environment that protects the wellbeing of residents and employees.
Indoor Air Quality – Lighthouse Products
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09/03/09 - Successful mould location, containment and remediation requires a variety of industry specific tools, and particle counters are commonly used to assist in these tasks.
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25/11/08 - Cold Jet Australia provide dry ice blasting and dry ice cleaning solution for mould remediation. Cold Jet Australia dry ice blasting removes mould spores from wood completely. Dry ice blasting provides complete removal even in the tight angles of trusses, ...
Dry ice blasting
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22/11/07 - Dry ice blasting can reduce cleaning time by up to 70%, labour costs by up to 90%, and total project costs by up to 85% in the fire restoration industry.

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