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Ferret's Motors, Drives & Gears category features a range of motors, drive and gears and related equipment for Australia's manufacturing, mining and industrial workplaces.

See the latest products, news and videos from suppliers of motors, bearings, brake pads, clutches, gears, chains, actuators, belts, shafts and more.

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Ball Screws: Design and Installation
Jeff Johnson, Thomson Screw Product Engineer, overviews the anatomy of ball screws and their installation. He covers the function of ball screws in application design as well as the components of a ball screw assembly and of a ball nut. Also included ...
Igubal spherical bearings
Plastic bearing expert igus UK produces a complete range of self-aligning rod ends, spherical bearings and thrust bearings that are approximately 80% lighter than steel alternatives. These lightweight bearings have exceptional high performance properties ...
From Hydraulic to Electric: Industrial Linear Actuators
Al Wroblaski, Thomson Linear Actuator Product Line Manager, demonstrates the advantages of Industrial Linear Actuators over hydraulic systems. He discusses issues such as contamination, temperature, safety, economy, maintenance, integration and system ...
Igus plastics in 3D printers
Designers of 3D printers are increasingly turning to plastics expert igus for linear bearings, lead screw units, plain bearings, energy chains and flexible cables in order to provide self-lubricating, abrasion and wear resistant components for the latest ...
Igus linear bearings
DryLin W linear rails and guides are most often recommended by igus sales engineers when they're assisting customers with new designs. The combination of flexibility, long life and low cost are the driving factors behind this system's success.
Lead Screw vs. Ball Screw Technology
Jeff Johnson, Thomson Screw Product Engineer, says ball screws and lead screws can sometimes be used in the same applications. Typically, ball screws are used in industry applications that need a lot of load or life while lead screws are used in smaller, ...
Sullair Australia Portable Air Compressors
With a complete range of industrial diesel portable compressors and industrial drill compressors alongside our range of utility and open frame compressor products, Sullair is sure to have a solution to meet your requirements.
Sullair Australia (Champion Compressors)
Kraus & Naimer Wellington Factory
The Kraus & Naimer Wellington factory was established in 1978. There are six moulding machines capable of running 24/7. 50% of Kraus & Naimers total output is manufactured in Wellington, waste is ground and reused. Currently around 50 people work for ...
Kraus & Naimer
Era Polymers
Excellence in Polyurethane Chemistry
Era Polymers
Wilson Tool Tapping Tool Operation
Watch how the Wilson Tapping Tool taps holes in sheet metal quickly and efficiently.
Sheetmetal Tooling Tech
Slurry Control Dart Valves by Dual Valves
Slurry Control Dart Valves by Dual Valves
Dual Valves Australasia
NMW 2013: Sensors and Instrumentation from Bestech Australia
Bestech showcase their range of sensors and instrumentation at NMW 2013. Hear about their leak testers, measurement equipment and thermal imagers.
Bestech Australia

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