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The lubrication-free and maintenance-free exchange bearings for the drylin W modular kit can be changed directly on the rail, thus reducing downtime and set-up costs.
Supplier news
22/03/19 - igus relies on lubrication-free liners made of high-performance polymers for a silent and precise sliding of linear guides.
In 10 years, only a few plastic crossbars have been replaced. In addition to the motor, control and data cables, a water hose is routed in the energy chain of the 5050RHD series (here right in the chain), which can be heated.
Supplier news
17/03/19 - Treotham Automation is able to supply and service all applications that require the record breaking energy chain and cable from igus.
The hyCLEANER black SOLAR enables easy semi-automatic cleaning with a radio remote control.
Supplier news
14/03/19 - Treotham presents a new range of lubrication-free plastic plain bearings ideal for use in semi-automatic cleaning machines for solar surfaces.
Bansbach EasyE-line actuators
Supplier news
12/03/19 - T.E.A. Transmissions introduces Bansbach EasyE-line, a new range of in-line actuators featuring a strong, compact and slimline design.
Simply put on the flange, the new sealing rings protect iglidur plain bearings and components behind them from extreme dirt accumulation.
Supplier news
18/11/18 - Treotham introduces a new range of seals from igus for maintenance-free plain bearings.
The wear-resistant and lubrication-free iglidur plain bearings from igus withstand shock, dirt and water in the front suspension of the Ti-Fly trike.
Supplier news
21/10/18 - iglidur G plain bearings were selected by the developers of a new recumbent bike to ensure a safe, long-lasting and lightweight front suspension.
Festo’s DFPD quarter-turn actuator
Supplier news
19/10/18 - Festo introduces a new range of quarter turn actuators designed to set new standards in process automation.
With bar stock and sheet made from the highly wear-resistant iglidur RW370, special shapes can be produced easily for use in trains including special plain bearings or even profiles.
Supplier news
04/10/18 - Treotham presents wear-resistant and fire-retardant igus iglidur RW370 bar stock for maintenance-free solutions in railway vehicles.
Lubrication and maintenance-free iglidur J plain bearings are used to ensure reliable operation of the destemming machine.
Supplier news
30/09/18 - Lubrication-free and maintenance-free polymer bearings are replacing metallic alternatives in wine production processes.
drylin WJRM hybrid linear bearing
Supplier news
29/08/18 - Integrating a hybrid bearing system into applications such as machine doors, camera sliders, or control panels, can reduce friction forces.
xiros flange ball bearing (R) remained unchanged even after 120 hours in the aggressive high temperature salt water unlike the metal bearing (L)
Supplier news
29/07/18 - Plastic ball bearings won the corrosion resistance battle against metal bearings in a salt water test conducted at the igus test laboratory.
igus robolink Apiro modular motion system
Supplier news
06/06/18 - The increasing automation of production processes is intensifying the pressure of competition among companies.

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