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drylin WJRM hybrid linear bearing
Supplier news
29/08/18 - Integrating a hybrid bearing system into applications such as machine doors, camera sliders, or control panels, can reduce friction forces.
xiros flange ball bearing (R) remained unchanged even after 120 hours in the aggressive high temperature salt water unlike the metal bearing (L)
Supplier news
29/07/18 - Plastic ball bearings won the corrosion resistance battle against metal bearings in a salt water test conducted at the igus test laboratory.
igus robolink Apiro modular motion system
Supplier news
06/06/18 - The increasing automation of production processes is intensifying the pressure of competition among companies.
igus’ FDA compliant liner made from the high-performance plastic iglidur A160
Supplier news
02/06/18 - Treotham introduces linear guide systems from igus designed to ensure precise and quick adjustment of machines in the food and beverage industry.
The SES/SEM70 rotative motor feedback systems featuring an industrial HIPERFACE standard interface
Supplier news
26/05/18 - SICK Pty Ltd sets a new standard in the field of direct drives with the all-new SES/SEM70 motor feedback systems.
Galaxie D – Galaxie with an axially integrated synchronous servo motor and hollow shaft
Supplier news
15/05/18 - The Galaxie is a new gearbox type from Wittenstein, which developed the product after subjecting drive concepts to a fundamental reassessment.
New iglidur bearings meet FAA’s fire safety compliance requirements
Supplier news
25/04/18 - Treotham announces that five iglidur high-performance polymer bearings from igus meet the fire safety compliance requirements of the FAA.
Small 0.12 kW motors are now available from NORD Drivesystems with an IE3 premium efficiency rating
Supplier news
05/03/18 - NORD Drivesystems has expanded their IE3 premium efficiency motor range with the addition of smaller motor powers.
MAXXDRIVE helical gear unit
Supplier news
13/02/18 - NORD Drivesystems offers a broad range of trusted gear units for various industries and applications.
Metallic pillow block bearing (left) Vs igus’ xiros pillow block bearing
Supplier news
04/02/18 - Treotham presents a new range of grease-free pillow block bearings designed to replace metallic alternatives in the food and packaging industry.
The compact angular gear from Ketterer is available in seven standard sizes.
Supplier news
23/01/18 - T.E.A. Transmissions presents a new line of compact angular gears by Ketterer.
Bellows boot
Supplier news
17/12/17 - Motion Technologies offers a comprehensive range of bellows boots, made to measure and sewn in different materials to suit the application.

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