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New way to measure position and thickness
23/02/16 - The confocalDT 2406-10 with 10mm measuring range stands out due to its compact design and high precision.
Researchers discover first P-type 2D semiconducting material
23/02/16 - Engineers at the University of Utah have discovered a new kind of 2D semiconducting material, opening the door for faster computing devices.
Panasonic Cordless power tools
14/02/16 - Panasonic has released three new cordless power tools: the EYA74A2 13mm drill and driver, the EY79A2 hammer drill and the EY75A7 impact of driver.
A typical high power servo drive.
03/02/15 - The number of companies making electronic variable drives and servo drives has decreased dramatically. This raises the problem of what to do if they break.
Helical rotary actuators from PTE Hydraulics – custom built, low maintenance, high-torque.
03/02/15 - Good customer relations can provide the customer the benefit of good service and deliver the manufacturer insights into what products the market wants.
Keeping coal running
Supplier news
22/01/15 - A capacity for quick turnarounds and customer support managed to keep one coal mine going in the face of collapse.
Small DC servo motor controller
Supplier news
01/12/14 - This new motor control unit, available from Maxon Motor Australia, is only the size of a postage stamp and yet can deliver up to 144W of power.
Tubular motors, linear motors and motor controllers from Techome
Supplier news
27/11/14 - Techome provides tubular motors, linear motors and motor controllers. Techome offers different types of tubular and linear motors.
Three-phase drives with universal Ethernet capability
Supplier news
26/11/14 - ABB's range of three-phase AC motor drives providing system building flexibility for high-power and continuous machinery and motion control applications.
Model 575 Digital Delay / Pulse Generator
Supplier news
24/11/14 - The Model 575 Digital Delay / Pulse Generator provides multi-channel 250 ps-resolution timing, delaying, gating, pulsing and syncing function.

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