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Treotham Automation supplies an extensive range of electrical flexible cables for free movements without tensile stress that is suitable for all markets.
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Maxon Motor is the world’s leading supplier of high-precision drive systems. DC motors with ironless winding and flat motors with iron core, Planetary gears, spur gears and special gears, Sensors, Servo amplifiers, position controllers, High-tech ...
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Drag chain - cable/energy chain, flexible conduit, nylon conduit, multipin connectors industrial type from 10A-35A. Treotham offers a number of products including the Igus Energy Chain Systems.
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ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 145,000 people.
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Westek Electronics offer a range of EMI and EMC test equipment includes radio frequency (RF), broadband amplifiers, receivers, antennas, LISN's, GTEM cells as well as generators for high energy surges, EFT bursts, power quality and electro static discharge ...
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Supplier news
17/03/10 - The advanced Chainflex cable family from Treotham has been developed to suit different torsion applications.
igus has now developed a complete cable family
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16/03/10 - The "Triflex R" robot energy chain system has more than 200 available components, in order to cover a whole range of applications from large-scale welding to small palletizing robots.
The Schaffner FN 530 sine wave/EMC output filter
Supplier news
15/12/08 - The new Schaffner FN 530 Combination sine wave/EMC output filter for variable speed drives, available from Westek Electronics, solves three important problems for motors as loads for variable speed drives.
EMI Three-phase Filter
Supplier news
19/11/08 - The Schaffner EMI Three-phase Filter, from Westek Electronics, can fully utilise a three-conductor topology and is well suited to three-phase power drive applications.
DECV 50/5 speed controller
Supplier news
21/08/08 - Maxon Motor’s newly developed DECV 50/5 is a compact, digital 4-quadrant speed controller for controlling brushless DC motors of up to 250 Watt power. Input voltage ranges from 12 – 50VDC. Speed control means that a low-cost drive solution can be realised ...
Energy chains
Supplier news
24/12/07 - A steel rail manufacturer based in Workington, England, has replaced existing, freely suspended festoons on its indoor and outdoor cranes at the steelworks with energy chains from igus.
More than 500 cables and plugs available.
Supplier news
05/09/02 - WITH dynamic energy supply necessary for most applications in the field if automation, correct shielding of energy conduits is of great importance. Loss of shielding due to breakage or insufficient coverage of the shield causes faulty signals in the ...

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