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Monopole Antennas

Test and Measurement Australia offer Calibrated Test Antennas and Accessories, High Power RF loads, EMI and EMC Test Equipment and Amplifiers for Emmission and Immunity Testing in EMC/EMI Applications as well as Antennas for EW * ELINT applications.
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GLYN is a distributor of high-tech electronic components, modules and solutions. They specialise in Wireless (GSM/GPRS, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee), Displays (OLED, TFT LCD, Touch Panels), Microelectronics (MCU, USB conversion), Embedded Controllers ...
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Compact ISM band antennas with SMA connectors now available from Clarke & Severn Electronics
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04/03/10 - Clarke & Severn Electronics announce its HW Series 1/2-wave center-fed dipole antennas and 1/4-wave monopole antennas are now available with standard SMA connector terminations.

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