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Modular Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks, industrial plug connectors.
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A wide selection of electrical and electronic connectors including copper lugs, IEC connectors, North American outlets, pre-insulated terminals, aluminium lugs and appliance terminal blocks.
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UT series fuse terminal block featuring a screw connection
Supplier news
01/09/14 - Phoenix Contact introduces the new UT 4-PE/L/HESI fuse terminal block range featuring a screw connection.
Can mount into predrilled or stamped holes and provide brass, tin-plated terminations with stainless steel contacts.
Supplier news
31/05/05 - KEYSTONE Electronics, represented in Australia by NPA has released modular terminal blocks for two (part 8728) and three-wire (part 8729) insertion. They are designed to meet PCB, test set and quick-connect requirements.

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