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Mobile Tool Storage Cabinets

Organise workshops areas with tool storage cabinets
Boscotek Industrial Storage
BOSCOTEK™ Tool Storage Cabinets include safety features for the user as well as flexibility to rearrange the cabinets if required
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Dynsto Pty Ltd is an innovative company, situated in Queensland that specialises in dynamic storage systems of the highest quality which provide clever solutions for storage and handling of materials with difficult sizes. Dynsto's range includes cleverrack, ...
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Bowen Group's mobile tool carts are a versatile solution for storing tools and small parts, offering a total load capacity of 400kg
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29/03/12 - Bowen Group offers mobile tool cart stations that are designed to provide organised tool and small parts storage for workshops, while also featuring a durable workbench surface.
Boscotek Flight Line Mobile Tool Storage Cabinet
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01/07/11 - Bosco Storage Solutions introduces a new range of mass mobile tool storage cabinets designed to reduce lead times in searching for and retrieving tools on the workshop floor.
Bosco Storage Solutions recently supplied tool storage cabinets for Ferrari Maserati
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03/05/10 - Bosco Storage Solutions recently supplied Boscotek High Density Tool Storage Cabinets to the new Ferrari Maserati facility in Sydney.
Improved automotive workshop efficiency with Boscotek tool storage cabinets
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06/02/09 - The Boscotek range of tool storage cabinets, manufactured by Bosco Storage Solutions, is designed to maximise the use of automotive service and parts workspace, improve accessibility and provide flexibility with greater security for valuable tools and ...
Brad Jones Racing - Users of Boscotek mobile tool storage cabinets
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01/08/08 - Brad Jones Racing’s major refit of its workshop, team transporter and pit garage incorporate Boscotek mobile tool storage cabinets, high density storage modules and roll cabs. Designed and manufactured with heavy-duty industrial application in mind, ...

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