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Our core laboratory products are supplied to a broad range of markets including: research, biotechnology, food, beverage, environmental, consulting/service laboratories, petrochemical, diagnostics, education, and many more. Key product areas include: ...
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Supplier of ergonomic laboratory workstations specifically designed for electrical and electronic instruments; highly affordable and versatile CNC machines; and fluid dispensing tools and consumables.
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Novecom is an innovative ICT company involved in niche product development, including Sentinex remote monitoring, data acquisition and reporting systems, and Criteria Risk Management Software.
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QuattroSound directional noise monitor's microphone array
Supplier news
20/10/09 - Novecom is proud to introduce the QuattroSound directional noise monitor, the latest addition to their SentineX range of environmental monitoring solutions.
PCB T130D21 microphone
Supplier news
02/06/09 - Recently, an array of PCB model T130D21 microphones, available from Biolab, was used to evaluate the noise sources on a vacuum cleaner running at different frequencies.
SC800 converters
Supplier news
02/04/09 - The Switchcraft SC800, available from Clarke & Severn Electronics, converts the outputs of high impedance line level audio devices and musical instruments to low impedance, balanced and isolated microphone level signals that can be connected to audio ...

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