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Megger MOM2 Micro-ohmmeter
TechRentals Pty Ltd
Electrical and Power Testing products from TechRentals available for loan or purchase from a range of brands for numerous applications.
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TechRentals offers specialised test and measurement equipment for a wide range of industries. Products offered encompass electrical power measurement and analysis, general industrial applications, physical measurement, radio frequency, environmental ...
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Providing remote monitoring and control systems to electric utilities and industrial facilities worldwide. These systems, used in a myriad of utility applications including outage management, power quality monitoring, trouble shooting, capacity planning ...
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Power Parameters is Australia’s largest independent distributor of Test & Measurement and UPS products, with direct representation in all mainland states. They supply quality Test & Measurement instruments for electrical and electronic applications, ...
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Megger DLRO 600 Digital Micro ohmmeter
Supplier news
05/07/11 - TR are now offering the Megger DLRO 600 Digital Micro ohmmeter for rental on daily, monthly or yearly basis.
Supplier news
15/04/08 - PowerMonics system offered by CHK Gridsense is robust and weatherproof power profiler and power quality analyser.
Supplier news
14/04/08 - The various products offered by CHK Gridsense include line tracker systems, power monic systems, transformer IQ systems, net switch systems and measure, inspect and control systems.
Supplier news
11/04/08 - CHK Gridsense is one of the leading companies providing remote monitoring and control systems to industrial facilities and electric utilities. These systems offered by CHK Gridsense is used in a myriad of utility applications that includes power quality ...
Quadtech’s LR2000 low resistance and ohm meter
Supplier news
20/02/04 - THE new Quadtech LR2000 precision low resistance and ohm meter, available from Power Parameters, is specifically designed to overcome artifacts in resistance measurements including thermo-electric eff

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