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CGB Precision Products
CGB Precision Products is a specialist supplier of super precision ball bearings and related components. They are the Australian representatives for top brands such as Barden, FAG, Kaydon & Gamet, Kamatics, Heim, FLURO, PIC Design and Greene Tweed - ...
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Swivel couplings 5000psi and 2.5" capacity, steel, stainless.
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Rock Bolts
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Airpot FFR system
Supplier news
26/03/09 - Airpot have announced their family of filter/regulator (FFR) products designed for use with their low friction line of Airpel air cylinders and Airpel AB air bearing controlled actuators. Airpot FFR systems, available from CGB Precision Products, offer ...
Lapp SKINTOP cable glands.
Supplier news
02/12/03 - THE new generation of Lapp SKINTOP cable glands, available from Edward Keller, provides reliability and ease of assembly.
Wall feed-throughs with metric thread.
Supplier news
06/09/01 - PHOENIX Contact now offers the Quickon wall feed-throughs with metric thread, in addition to the well-known PG products.

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