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Conveying - industrial materials handling
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 Accuweigh is Australia’s largest supplier of weighing and product inspection equipment, with eight branches across all mainland states providing sales and competent service support on a broad range of products and services. Our industrial weighing ...
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Metal detectors for food, plastic, timbet, mining industries.
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Food metal detection systems from Accuweigh used for W.A. food wholesaler
Supplier news
16/02/10 - Food metal detection systems from Accuweigh were recently sold to a large fruit and vegetable supplier in Western Australia to ensure their pre-packed products are free of metal contaminants.
Metal detection equipment for inspecting snack foods for contaminates
Supplier news
03/06/09 - Accuweigh have supplied metal detection equipment to a speciality snack food manufacturer based in Dandenong. The metal detection equipment inspects coated fruits and nuts which are packed into 10kg cartons and 20kg bags for selling nationally through ...
MDT09 and MDT11 pipeline metal detectors
Supplier news
09/04/09 - Accuweigh have released the European series of Prisma MDT pipeline metal detectors for use in horizontal pipeline metal detector applications.

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