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Tenrod Australia is a source for high quality LEDs, and LED Lighting, Large LED Video Screens and LED Curtains, LED Tubes, Flexible LED Light Strips. Tenrod also offer a wide range of electronics components including LCDs and Vacuum Fluorescent ...
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Their product range include electron tubes, Triode, Tetrode, Laser tubes, Ignitrons, Magnetrons, Broadcast tubes,Industrial Microwave generators, Microwave leakage meters and Microwave accessories,high voltage ceramic fixed and variable capacitors, RF ...
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Laser maker Ellex expects profit boost
06/08/14 - Adelaide-based Ellex Medical Lasers has flagged a six-fold profit rise as a result of increased sales in Asia and the US.
Synthetic lenses
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20/07/06 - A LENS is an optical element that has the ability to focus or diverge light beams. Until a few years ago, lenses were almost exclusively manufactured in glass. Thanks to modern and innovative moulding technologies, more and more lenses are manufactured ...

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