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Brauer Kipp AMF Toggle Clamps
Maxiloc Tooling Pty Ltd
The range of Brauer Kipp Toggle Clamps from Maxiloc Tooling are well designed and constructed, suitable for various industrial clamping applications
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Lightning surge protection and grounding solutions and products.
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Maxiloc Tooling manufactures and supplies a wide assortment of unique industrial products that range from modular fixturing components, workholding devices, to standard machine elements. Australian distributors of AMF Clamping Tools and Systems, / KIPP ...
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LPI and JT Day are supporting the NBN project by supplying approved earthing and bonding products
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18/11/14 - JT Day Pty Ltd has partnered with Lightning Protection International (LPI) to supply Telco majors a full range of earthing and bonding equipment.
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15/04/08 - Lightning Protection International provides comprehensive range of earthing solutions. These earthing solutions include Exoweld, earth rods and accessories, earth pit, earth enhancing compound and transient earth clamps.

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