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Magnetic cable hooks
Supplier news
30/07/17 - Adept Direct has introduced a new range of heavy duty magnetic cable holders.
MSA and Magswitch magnetic tools
Supplier news
11/04/17 - Magnet Sales Australia (MSA) offers a broad range of magnetic tools, including the Magswitch switchable magnets.
MSA Cable-Mate systems
Supplier news
09/02/17 - Magnet Sales Australia supplied several Cable-Mate devices to the John Hunter Hospital to keep heavy cables out of the way in the operation theatre.
Magswitch Extenda lift
Supplier news
22/10/15 - Magnet Sales Australia announces the launch of new valve box lifters combining convenience and safety advantages.
Lutron MG-3002 Hall effect Gaussmeter
Supplier news
30/04/15 - A Lutron MG-3002 Hall effect Gaussmeter/ Teslameter was used to detect a magnetism problem with a sensor.
Magswitch lifter
Supplier news
27/11/14 - Magnet Sales Australia announces the launch of a new range of valve box lifters featuring a revolutionary switchable magnetic technology.
The UCLA researchers came up with a new structure for the magnetic material to eliminate the need for an adjacent magnetic field.
12/06/14 - UCLA researchers have developed a nanoscale magnetic component for memory chips in a step towards spintronics.
Some typical down-hole retrieval magnets
Supplier news
20/09/13 - Retriever magnets available from Serpent & Dove are specifically designed to recover various steel items left down a hole following drilling.
Cable-Buddy magnetic safety tidy
Supplier news
06/03/12 - The Cable-Buddy magnetic safety tidy available from Magnet Sales Australia is designed as a simple and efficient storage solution for leads, cables and hoses in any industrial work environment.
Cable-Mate magnetic safety tidy
Supplier news
05/03/12 - The Cable-Mate magnetic safety tidy available from Magnet Sales Australia is being successfully used as a magnetic cable storage solution throughout Australian industry.
RED-I-LIFT Magnetic Lifter
Supplier news
29/06/11 - Robinson International offers RED-I-LIFT magnetic lifters designed for lifting flat and round magnetic steel items such as steel sheets, pipes, rounds and die blocks.
Pacific Magnetic Lifter
Supplier news
14/06/11 - Pacific permanent magnetic lifters available from Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd employ magnetic force to lift a wide range of goods in diverse industries.

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