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Magnetic Encoder Systems

Linear and Rotary Position Sensors
Applied Measurement Australia
Contact and non contact position sensors, with operations in all environments including intrinsically safe requirements
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PCA - Plant Control and Automation
Plant Control and Automation (PCA) are suppliers of incremental Shaft Encoders, Absolute Shaft Encoders, Absolute Multi Turn Shaft Encoders and Fieldbus Encoders: DeviceNet, Canopen, Interbus, Proibus, SSI, Ethernet TCP/IP, Inclinometers, Inductive Proximity ...
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Applied Measurement Australia
Since 1976 Applied Measurement has focused on providing high quality products and services for engineered measurement, and industrial automation applications. Typically this has involved pressure, force, torque, position, strain, acceleration and inertial ...
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Fibre Optic Sensors - FBGS' Draw Tower Gratings (DTGs) Demo
This video demonstrates the advantages of FBGS' Draw Tower Gratings -- DTG®'s -- which includes its mechanical strength, the multiplexing of gratings on a single fibre, and its insensitivity to bending.
Applied Measurement Australia

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