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Magnet Materials

Yellow Mag II Pilot Ladder
Serpent & Dove
Developed in conjunction with professional marine pilots, Pilot Ladder Magnets are available in two options, the Yellow Mag II and the Sea-Mag
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Magnet Sales Australia
Magnet Sales Australia are distributors of high quality magnetic equipment for the welding, fabrication, woodworking and lifting industries. With a direct focus on improving the safety, efficiency and productivity of industrial operations, we provide ...
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Mister Magnets offer their customers a range of products and services, these include promotional magnets, fridge magnets, magnet tabs, business cards and roll up banners. This company is located in Tullamarine, VIC.
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Serpent & Dove provide rare earth Grate Magnets and Plate Magnets remove ‘Tramp Iron’ from grain, powders and plastics. Tramp Iron Magnets over conveyors protect downstream equipment. Lifting magnets make steel handling safer and magnetic ...
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Lifting magnets
Supplier news
14/01/10 - The MaxX series of lifting magnets from Tecnomagnete feature safety as a priority. They use patented ‘neutral crown’ technology, focussing all of the magnetic energy available for lifting, at the face
Hull and boom magnet
Supplier news
22/10/07 - Using high strength neodymium magnet elements, Serpent & Dove has developed hull and boom magnet for marine use.

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