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5 Tips When Buying a CNC Router

1 Motor type: There are two main types of motor that are used in CNC router. A stepper motor is cost-effective and suitable for high-torque, low-medium velocity applications. Servo motors are designed for fast, high-torque applications.

2 Automatic Tool Changing System (ATC): If you are using more than one instrument, the ATC helps users change apparatuses easily, which reduces employment times and administrator slip.

3 Dust collection: The nemesis of any work station, some CNC routers can produce a lot of dust. You need a good vacuum system that will adequately meet your needs.

4 Software: The programming of your CNC router is important if you want the product to meet its precise configuration. Make sure you include updates when they are made available.

5 Drive system: ballscrew, rack and pinion and lead screw are the three main drive frameworks on a CNC router. While the ballscrew iteration is the more costly out of the three, it can handle big material sizes and yields better accuracy.
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LENOX's ARMOR products are designed to shield band saw teeth from the detrimental effects of heat
Supplier news
07/02/13 - LENOX's ARMOR family of products is designed to protect band saw cutting edges from heat, extending their life while also enabling cutting to be done at higher speeds.
MAER’s WM500 TC rotary cutter
Supplier news
06/02/13 - MAER S.A of Girona, Spain introduces a new high speed wide mouth PET jar cutting solution.
Pro-Cut 12 cordless hydraulic rebar cutter
Supplier news
29/01/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces the new Pro-Cut 12 cordless battery hydraulic rebar cutters from Edilgrappa.
The diodes and accompanying electronics in the MLD series of CW diode lasers are designed to be truly off when there is 0 current through the diode
Supplier news
15/01/13 - A new range of higher power Cobolt lasers on the single frequency DPSS laser platform 05-01 is now available locally from Warsash Scientific.
Employee looking at tool at ANCA’s grinding centre
Supplier news
30/11/12 - Leading manufacturer of high quality CNC tool and cutter grinders, ANCA was a winner at the recently held 50th Australian Export Awards.
Rofin FL Series high brightness fibre laser
Supplier news
28/11/12 - Laser Resources presents Rofin FL Series of high brightness fibre lasers.
Showing cutting S/Steel M12 Threaded Rod
Supplier news
20/11/12 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment offers a new range of Kamekura DW 404 threaded rod cutters with imperial cutter blades.
The new electrical control boxes are ideal for monitoring safety switches used with safety guarding on industrial machinery
Supplier news
14/11/12 - CPR SafeInd presents a new range of electrical control boxes suitable for monitoring safety switches used with safety guarding on industrial machinery.
Supplier news
14/11/12 - Traxx Construction Products presents the Traxx RSP 90 bevelling machine for use by professional contractors.
Ms Chris Tan, Regional Operations Manager, Urschel Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. accepting the award at the Asian Manufacturing Awards (AMA) gala dinner
Supplier news
13/11/12 - The E TranSlicer cutter, manufactured by Urschel Laboratories, Inc. in Valparaiso, Indiana, USA was recently honoured with the ‘Best in Food Processing Equipment’ award at the inaugural Asian Manufacturing Awards (AMA) in Singapore.
CPS arrowhead blades
Supplier news
13/11/12 - Arrowhead blades from CPS Wear Parts are commonly used as front edges on loader buckets, edge protectors between teeth and as bucket side protectors.
Brentwood heavy duty industrial shredder
Supplier news
09/11/12 - Heavy duty industrial shredders from Brentwood Recycling Systems have been part of the solid waste processing industry for over 30 years.

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