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5 Tips When Buying a CNC Router

1 Motor type: There are two main types of motor that are used in CNC router. A stepper motor is cost-effective and suitable for high-torque, low-medium velocity applications. Servo motors are designed for fast, high-torque applications.

2 Automatic Tool Changing System (ATC): If you are using more than one instrument, the ATC helps users change apparatuses easily, which reduces employment times and administrator slip.

3 Dust collection: The nemesis of any work station, some CNC routers can produce a lot of dust. You need a good vacuum system that will adequately meet your needs.

4 Software: The programming of your CNC router is important if you want the product to meet its precise configuration. Make sure you include updates when they are made available.

5 Drive system: ballscrew, rack and pinion and lead screw are the three main drive frameworks on a CNC router. While the ballscrew iteration is the more costly out of the three, it can handle big material sizes and yields better accuracy.
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Ogura BC-300 cordless cutter can be supplied with special harnesses for air rescue personnel
Supplier news
20/03/13 - The Ogura BC-300 cordless rescue combi cutter/spreader available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment meets the requirements of all types of emergency situations.
DMG Mori Seiki Australia staff enjoying the fun side of teamwork
Supplier news
20/03/13 - Staff from DMG MORI SEIKI Australia and New Zealand met at the InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort in Queensland early this year for a two-day ‘kick-off’ meeting.
Ogura BC-300 cordless rescue cutter
Supplier news
19/03/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces a new range of cordless rescue combi cutters from Ogura Rescue Equipment.
Heath Oxley, owner of Ox Engineering, is excited about business prospects with the new Haco CNC plasma cutting machine
Supplier news
18/03/13 - Perth-based Ox Engineering chose a KOMPAKT 4020 plasma cutting machine from Haco Australia to reduce lead times and bring the outsourced work in-house.
XR20-W mounted off axis on trunnion table, Hurco, Taiwan
Supplier news
15/03/13 - Renishaw's XR20-W rotary axis calibrator launched in November 2011 is very popular among users for reasons such as easier set-up and use, and a smaller and more compact package.
ARM BC-16 electric/hydraulic cutter
Supplier news
15/03/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment presents ARM BC-16 electric/hydraulic cutters from ARM Sangyo-Japan.
AMTIL’s CEO Shane Infanti (middle) always uses the opportunity of the annual AUSTECH exhibition to connect government with local manufacturers
Supplier news
11/03/13 - The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) supports its members in their efforts to find and apply for relevant grants.
ARM Sangyo 16mm rebar cutter
Supplier news
11/03/13 - The ARM Sangyo rebar cutters available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment are part of a range of hydraulic tools designed for cutting and swaging applications.
Leussink Engineering has teamed up with Corts Engineering to refurbish AcelorMittal steel mills in Kazakhstan
Supplier news
10/03/13 - Leussink Engineering has teamed up with German precision flat bearing company Corts Engineering to refurbish AcelorMittal steel mills in Kazakhstan.
Visitors from all over the world made up the record crowds at DMG/Mori Seiki's 2013 Pfronten Open House
Supplier news
08/03/13 - The annual DMG/Mori Seiki Open House held at the Deckel Maho plant in Pfronten, Germany attracted a record 6,000 visitors from around the globe.
The FEELER multi-axis HT 30Y lathe will be on display for the first time in Australia
Supplier news
08/03/13 - The Feeler HT-30Y multi-axis CNC lathe will be premiered at the Austech 2013 by HS CNC Machines together with Qumac Engineering Services.
Edilgrappa MU 16D portable rebar cutter
Supplier news
08/03/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces a new range of portable rebar cutters from Italian manufacturer Edilgrappa.

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