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5 Tips When Buying a CNC Router

1 Motor type: There are two main types of motor that are used in CNC router. A stepper motor is cost-effective and suitable for high-torque, low-medium velocity applications. Servo motors are designed for fast, high-torque applications.

2 Automatic Tool Changing System (ATC): If you are using more than one instrument, the ATC helps users change apparatuses easily, which reduces employment times and administrator slip.

3 Dust collection: The nemesis of any work station, some CNC routers can produce a lot of dust. You need a good vacuum system that will adequately meet your needs.

4 Software: The programming of your CNC router is important if you want the product to meet its precise configuration. Make sure you include updates when they are made available.

5 Drive system: ballscrew, rack and pinion and lead screw are the three main drive frameworks on a CNC router. While the ballscrew iteration is the more costly out of the three, it can handle big material sizes and yields better accuracy.
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Supplier news
02/05/13 - ABB will be showcasing their plasma cutting robot in a live demo at the National Manufacturing Week 2013.
Motorised facing head
Supplier news
01/05/13 - The motorised facing head managed by the WS series in-situ portable line boring machines from Precision Metal Group is used for facing jobs or internal turning jobs on tubular cylindrical bodies.
Husqvarna K 1260 Rail
Supplier news
22/04/13 - The Husqvarna K 1260 Rail available from ADDLER is one of the most powerful rail cutters in the market.
Trimble PCS900 helps contractors mill a smoother and higher quality surface, reduce machine stoppage and minimise costly rework
Supplier news
22/04/13 - Trimble Australia introduces version 2.1 of its 3D asphalt milling solution.
Sumo drill rig
Supplier news
22/04/13 - Sumo drill rigs, available from Traxx Construction Products are a range of high performance and lightweight products ideal for coring up to 800mm in diameter.
LENOX SPEED SLOT mini hole saw kit
Supplier news
22/04/13 - LENOX® SPEED SLOT mini hole saw kits are easy to transport, store and use.
Piccolo drill rig
Supplier news
19/04/13 - Traxx Construction Products presents a high performance, lightweight drill rig designed for easy handling, maximum flexibility and superior strength.
MS250 hydraulic shear
Supplier news
18/04/13 - The MS250 hydraulic shear available from Traxx Construction Products is designed for quick cutting of metal in solid bars or profiled sections.
Oxy fuel cutting is entirely suitable for cutting a pipe to bury underground
Supplier news
17/04/13 - If you want to cut metal and you work in an industrial environment, you have several choices.
Edilgrappa F170 cable cutter
Supplier news
11/04/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment offers a wide range of cable cutters for use in underwater applications during subsea works and repairs.
TC 32 hydraulic chain cutter
Supplier news
04/04/13 - Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces a new range of hydraulic chain cutters from Edilgrappa designed for performance and safety.
Laser marking
Supplier news
26/03/13 - Laser markers available from Laser Resources are ideal for marking on virtually all metals and plastics.

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