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5 Tips When Buying a CNC Router

1 Motor type: There are two main types of motor that are used in CNC router. A stepper motor is cost-effective and suitable for high-torque, low-medium velocity applications. Servo motors are designed for fast, high-torque applications.

2 Automatic Tool Changing System (ATC): If you are using more than one instrument, the ATC helps users change apparatuses easily, which reduces employment times and administrator slip.

3 Dust collection: The nemesis of any work station, some CNC routers can produce a lot of dust. You need a good vacuum system that will adequately meet your needs.

4 Software: The programming of your CNC router is important if you want the product to meet its precise configuration. Make sure you include updates when they are made available.

5 Drive system: ballscrew, rack and pinion and lead screw are the three main drive frameworks on a CNC router. While the ballscrew iteration is the more costly out of the three, it can handle big material sizes and yields better accuracy.
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A four head grinder at the Pace Farm's plant
Supplier news
26/07/16 - Equipment from Kennards Concrete Care has been cost effective to Bedrocx, particularly in their early years, when most businesses are under capitalized.
Dust extractor-cleaners
Supplier news
26/07/16 - A combination of dust collection and extraction machines, hired from Kennards Concrete Care, ensured maximum worker safety.
Simple scissor lift actuators cut out complexity and cost in conveyors and processing
Supplier news
25/07/16 - Some of the simplest solutions to materials handling lifting, shifting and production automation tasks are also the easiest to overlook among the plethora.
Garrett Field operates the road saw
Supplier news
25/07/16 - Road saw from Kennards Concrete Care supplied a self-propelled, 20 inch (500mm) road saw that completed work in extra quick time
Brisbane high-tech manufacturers want clustering, collaboration encouraged
24/07/16 - ​South-east Queensland has emerged as an area of surprising manufacturing strength, with one local CEO suggesting that the benefits of clustering
Manufacturing success sees job ads jump
21/07/16 - The manufacturing sector’s growth appears to be behind a surge in demand for machinery operators and drivers in a Department of Employment survey.
Keysight Technologies E36102A DC Power Supply
Supplier news
26/04/16 - Measurement Innovation is currently offering the Keysight E26102A DC Power Supply, single-output, 30W, 6V, 5A 5A with free delivery
Temperature Control systems for small animals
Supplier news
14/04/16 - Scitech is proud to introduce the TC-1000 temperature control system for mice, rats and cats by CWE Incoporated -supplying biomedical research instruments.
Oracle unleashes new innovations in data analytics with free and open interfaces to on-chip accelerators
08/03/16 - Empowering developers to build the next generation of big data analytics platforms, Oracle released a free and open API and developer kit.
Universal Robots announces 91 per cent revenue increase
28/02/16 - Denmark-based collaborative robot company Universal Robots has announced a 91 per cent increase in revenues for 2015 compared to the previous year.
Collaborative robot maker delivers huge revenue growth
28/02/16 - Denmark-based Universal Robots has achieved 91 per cent growth compared to 2014, while delivering a bottom line profit of $USD 9.66 million before tax.
Redflow prepares to launch battery storage units after successful trial
21/02/16 - ASX-listed, Brisbane-based business Redflow has announced the successful trial of its home battery storage units, and plans to launch these in March.

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