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Thermal imaging clamp meter
13/03/16 - FLIR Systems Australia has released a new thermal imaging clamp meter featuring an in-built thermal camera.
Enhanced Prototype demonstrates Automated End-to-End Construction
08/03/16 - Fastbrick Robotics Limited is pleased to announce that the company's automated brick laying technology demonstrator, the Hadrian 105, has been upgraded.
CeMAT 2016 -BEUMER will be exhibiting as a system supplier
08/03/16 - BEUMER will be exhibiting at the world's leading trade fair as a system supplier for sorting and distribution equipment.
Frequency-dependent RFID processor
21/02/16 - Balluff presents the BIS V processor which is designed to offer frequency-dependent use for the first time.
Enerpac Porta Power sets optimise safety and efficiency for maintenance lifting, pushing and pulling tasks
21/02/16 - Enerpac's latest Porta Power set is ideal for maintenance applications that involve the safe and time-saving application.
Machinery Barrier
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21/01/16 - The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) specialises in safety barriers which are ideal for restricting access to heavy plant and machinery
Signet's tips for creating an effective workstation
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10/12/15 - Whether packaging items in a warehouse or ordering packaging supplies in an office, creating a safe and functional workstation is a vital part of any
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26/11/14 - Various products suitable for different types of industries including thermal insulation, repair compounds, protective coatings, lubricants and cleaners.
Miner sustains crush injury, trapped for over an hour
29/01/14 - A Queensland coal miner has sustained serious crush injuries after his arm became pinned in a cable reeler for over an hour before help arrived.
Presence sensing systems such as safety light curtains and safety scanners should be used when physical guards are not suitable.
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08/01/14 - The challenge is to continue to improve existing safety of machinery and, as technology develops, to manage new safety hazards.
Machine safeguarding sector outpaces industrial market
07/11/13 - New applications and increasing adoption of safety by every facet of the machinery market is expanding the market for safeguarding suppliers.
Jason Mair demonstrates sensor solutions for hazardous point protection
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02/08/13 - Product Market Manager Jason Mair discusses several SICK sensor solutions that can be used to provide hazardous point protection, protecting workers from hazardous machinery.

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