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Metalsistem Australia's Long Span Shelving
Supplier news
18/05/11 - Long span shelving from Metalsistem Australia is available with a variety of modular accessories to accommodate for most product sizes
Long span shelving systems from Bowen Group offer quality at an economical price
Supplier news
10/05/11 - Bowen Group designs, supplies and installs an extensive range of long span shelving systems that have been designed for the efficient storage of a wide variety of non-palletised goods.
TS-3 Long Span Shelving System
Supplier news
13/04/11 - Metalsistem Australia introduces a range of long span shelving systems suitable for manual picking applications.
Longspan Shelving Systems
Supplier news
25/03/11 - Longspan shelving systems been designed to fit into tight and narrow areas, and for holding boxes, parts or any object that is reasonably heavy (can hold up to 650kg per shelf and 4 tonnes per bay).
Long Span Shelving Systems
Supplier news
13/01/11 - Metalsistem Australia offers a comprehensive range of shelving and pallet racking solutions for businesses and industries.
Unicant Cantilever racking solutions from Abax Industrial
Supplier news
30/11/10 - Abax Industrial introduces the very stable and durable Unicant Cantilever racking solutions, specifically designed for the storage of long goods.
Long span shelving is ideal for industrial, retail or warehouse storage
Supplier news
15/10/10 - Available from Storage Ideas, long span shelving is offers ideal storage for industrial, retail and warehouse applications.
Colby Longspan Shelving Systems
Supplier news
24/09/10 - Specialist warehouse systems designers, Warehouse By Design, have a wide range of shelving solutions for warehouses dealing with light, medium, and heavy throughputs.
Long span shelving
Supplier news
17/09/10 - Long Span Shelving from MECA Racking Solutions is an ideal for many types of bulk store items.
Art storage solutions
Supplier news
02/06/10 - Bosco Storage Solutions was selected to supply industrial and mobile storage systems for the new Art Gallery of New South Wales facility.
Longspan shelving from Advanced Warehouse Solutions
Supplier news
02/02/10 - Longspan shelving systems from Advanced Warehouse Solutions are sturdy, strong and economical shelving systems that are extremely fast to assemble due to its "boltless" design.
Supplier news
11/12/09 - The LS2000 Long Span Shelving System is a heavy duty adaptable shelving system that facilitates storage for a wide variety of product sizes to maximise storage area.

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