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The longspan shelving system boasts both functionality and style
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10/08/17 - Storage Ideas’ light-duty longspan shelving represents value for money.
Storage Ideas launches new website
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25/06/15 - Storage Ideas announces the launch of a new mobile-friendly website showcasing an extensive range of storage and handling equipment.
Raised storage solutions can benefit companies that have run out of space
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01/06/15 - Raised storage systems offer numerous benefits to businesses of any size.
Pallet racking
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19/08/14 - Blue Diamond Machinery offers raised storage solutions designed for businesses to optimise their existing storage areas quickly and easily.
In the real world, loads come in a variety of awkward shapes and sizes
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27/05/14 - Storage Ideas designed the warehouse layout for Linde Refrigeration at their new facility in Sydney, New South Wales.
Metalsistem long span boltless shelving
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14/05/14 - Long span shelving systems from Metalsistem Australia meet storage requirements in all environments from warehouses and factories to offices and homes.
Metalsistem storage systems find wide use in industrial applications
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06/02/13 - A summary of our recent series of articles discussing the wide range of industrial storage, shelving and racking systems available from Metalsistem Australia.
Supercant cantilever racking is produced from high tensile Sendzimir galvanised steel
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29/01/13 - After looking at general purpose light to medium duty storage systems, we turn our focus to cantilever racking and long span shelving systems from Metalsistem Australia.
Super 1-2-3 series industrial shelving is designed to satisfy a broad range of light storage requirements
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25/01/13 - In the first of this series focussing on the industrial storage solutions from Metalsistem, we discuss systems designed for light to medium duty applications.
Super 123 Series longspan shelving system
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21/12/12 - Available from Bowen Group, the Super 123 shelving is a strong and durable light duty longspan shelving system designed for versatile application and featuring a modern appearance.
Modular container trays allow small items to be stored and accessed easily
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03/08/12 - Super 123 series industrial longspan shelving systems from Bowen Group are supplied with modular container trays that allow small stock items to be stored and easily accessed.
Superglide 123 mobile shelving systems can be supplied with garment rails or flat shelves as required
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23/07/12 - Bowen Group has announced the addition of Superglide 123 mobile shelving systems to its extensive range of shelving and storage solutions.

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