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E-Flash EF110 Proximity Rim Lock
Supplier news
10/08/09 - The Kaba E-Flash EF110 Proximity Rim Lock available from Locks Galore provides the convenience of proximity card technology in a stylish compact unit. It is simple, safe and easy to use with proven secure reliability in the world market.
212W IEI Standalone electronic keypad
Supplier news
29/07/09 - Available from Locks Galore, the 212W IEI Standalone electronic keypad is weather resistant and ideal for exterior access usage with an electric strike or maglock.
LG202 Dual keypad digital lock with new easy code change from Locks Galore
Supplier news
21/07/09 - The LG202 Dual Keypad Digital Lock from Locks Galore is the answer to the problem of changing the code.
GE Keysafe Portable Spin Dial by Locks Galore
Supplier news
20/07/09 - Locks Galore has the GE Portable KeySafe which hangs easily on a doorknob, fence, railing, etc. Just open the lid, lift the shackle and hang.
KeyWatcher electronic key management system
Supplier news
18/06/09 - The KeyWatcher key management systems are essential to any business or facility where the loss or unauthorised use of priority keys poses a significant threat.
ABUS 83WPIB/53 padlock
Supplier news
16/06/09 - ABUS 83WPIB/53 padlock, available from Locks Galore, is designed for maximum protection from the elements with a full dual injected plastic jacket that covers the padlock body.
Ritefit toilet indicator bolts
Supplier news
15/06/09 - Locks Galore offer Ritefit toilet indicator bolts. Ritefit toilet indicator bolts are an alternative to commercial properties. Ritefit toilet indicator bolts are rim-mounted and made of die cast zinc.
Extra Slim GE Digital KeySafe
Supplier news
12/06/09 - GE Digital keysafe is an extra slim designer key box with easy one-hand operation for quick access.
Abus 83/45 padlocks
Supplier news
06/05/09 - The Abus 83/45 padlock, available from Locks Galore, is a 45mm brass body padlock, suitable for gates, toolboxes, and commercial properties. It is available in keyed alike groups, all padlocks operate on the same key, or the standard keyed to differ ...
Lockwood 530 series lockset
Supplier news
05/05/09 - The Lockwood 530 series lockset, available from Locks Galore, is designed as a non-handed, easy-to-install lockset. The range of Lockwood 530 series lockset is suitable for commercial and residential applications including office partitioning.
The KEEFREE electronic deadbolt
Supplier news
30/04/09 - The new KEEFREE electronic deadbolt, available from Locks Galore, provides keyless access and the security of a deadbolt. This electronic deadbolt is suitable for entry, remote control and digital code or by key.
Borg Digital Lock 2600BC Marine Grade
Supplier news
28/04/09 - Borg 2600MG Digital Lock, available from Locks Galore, is ideal for marine and coastal doors and gates that are subjected to sea air, that normally ruins standard locks in a short time.

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