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Lockout Valves

Personal Lockout Pouch from the Master Lock Safety Series
Mayo Hardware
Lockout Kits for electrical and valve lockout devices for individual workers
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As the exclusive distributor of Master Lock, Mayo Hardware is Australia’s leading supplier of lockout/tag out solutions for the mining, power generation, oil & gas, manufacturing, transport and utility industries. Mayo ...
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Cirlock specialises in Lockout and Tagout devices and equipment for all Energy Sources. Products include Universal lockouts for circuit breakers, lockout hasps, danger tags, safety lockout padlocks, multifunction cable lockouts, plug and hose lockouts, ...
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We are able to provide expert advice from our many years in the safety industry. Whatever your safety problem we can help you, and work together to find a solution.
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Total pneumatic fluid power system FRL's, valves, cylinders, fittings & accessories
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Gas Valve Lockouts
Supplier news
06/07/10 - Extreme Safety specialises in a range of safety lockout systems designed for use in multiple environments including domestic, commercial and industrial settings.
MFL-2P plastic cable lockout device
Supplier news
17/10/08 - The plastic cable lockout device, MFL-2P, from Cirlock is intended for use when locking out equipment, such as fuses, circuit breakers, and inside cabinets, where live terminals can be present. The MFL-2P lockout device is without any external metal ...
The electrical plug lockout device
Supplier news
14/10/08 - Cirlock have launched two new electrical plug lockout devices, the PLD-11 and PLD-12.
GLB-2 lock boxes available from Cirlock
Supplier news
13/10/08 - Cirlock have introduced Group Lock Box, the GLB-2. Dimensions of the Group Lock Box are 200x150x90mm, excluding handle.
Belt bags with lockout padlocks
Supplier news
10/10/08 - Cirlock have launched belt bags with lockout padlocks and Hasp – LCB-4. These sturdy woven belt bags with velcro close include three safety lockout padlocks keyed alike along with a retractable key holder and a scissor lockout hasp.
SLP-450 series of plastic body safety lockout padlocks available from Cirlock
Supplier news
19/09/08 - The SLP-450 series of plastic body safety lockout padlocks are now available from Cirlock.
Coloured safety lockout padlocks
Supplier news
24/04/08 - Cirlock has improved on its current range of coloured safety lockout padlocks, by using a moulded sleeve to colour code the locks.
Ball Valve Lockout device
Supplier news
23/04/08 - Cirlock has developed a new Ball Valve Lockout device, to be part of its wide lockout / tagout range.

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