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The mini dumper had no problem accessing the 850mm wide passageway
Supplier news
02/07/12 - Kennards Hire recently supplied a rubber tracked, high tip mini dumper to a building contractor, providing a 'narrow advantage' on a tight site.
Forklift operator positions bag lifting frame on top of the bulk bag unloader
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29/06/12 - A low cost retrofit of a bag dump station to a bulk bag unloader executed by Flexicon at a speciality chemical company has upgraded safety and productivity at the plant.
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15/05/12 - The diesel engine of wheel loaders needs to be properly serviced to ensure the equipment’s reliable performance.
Bestech Australia offers Multi Component Sensors for load, force and torque measurements
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10/05/12 - Bestech Australia offers tri axial sensor K3D120 from ME Systems for force measurement in three perpendicular axes.
The 1024 model of large display indicators from Instrotech Australia
Supplier news
03/05/12 - The Australian made 1024 model of programmable indicators from Instrotech Australia are simple and easy to read, and they feature various model functions
Portable half-frame bulk bag unloader
Supplier news
02/05/12 - Discharge bulk bags, manually dump sacks and convey material in a dust-free environment.
Bulk bag discharger in foreground delivers silica gel granules through receiving hopper and flexible screw conveyor at 45° to the first of four feed hoppers
Supplier news
10/04/12 - An automated bulk solids handling system from Flexicon is helping Multisorb Technologies Inc. increase productivity at its new European facility for producing silica gel granule adsorption packets.
These cranes can hoist items up to 408kg
Supplier news
05/03/12 - These cranes are specifically designed for use with utility vehicles that have enclosed side bodies.
Type FBT-M forward bin tipper
Supplier news
17/02/12 - Type FBT-M forward bin tippers available from Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd are manufactured to suit bin dimensions as specified by the customer.
Type FBT-SH forward bin tipper
Supplier news
16/02/12 - Type FBT-SH forward bin tippers available from Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd are designed for handling and emptying bins in agricultural and manufacturing industries.
SEE Civil has made significant cost savings since installing Loadrite’s on-board weighing system on its fleet of Komatsu loaders
Supplier news
13/01/12 - Road and earthworks contracting company, SEE Civil has made significant savings following the installation of on-board weighing systems from LOADRITE NSW in its fleet of Komatsu loaders.
FC-1500 Fork Carriage Assembly
Supplier news
02/12/11 - Type FC-1500 fork carriage assembly from Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd is a robust and versatile quick release fork carriage designed to suit skid steer and track loaders.

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