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Load Cell Displays

RLC ring torsion, low profile fully welded stainless steel load cell
Instrotech Australia
Instrotech has a wide range of load cells and mounting hardware from Revere and Zemic including high-temperature, compression and universal load cells.
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Bestech Australia provides the latest in measurement and control technology to the Australian and NZ market. Bestech Australia are focused to meet the instrumentation needs of customers in: Research and Education, Automotive, Metal Industry, ...
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Metromatics manufacture and provide a range of Sunlight Readable and Industrial LCDs, Single Board Computers, Panel PC, Avionics Cards, Data Acquisition Systems, Telemetry Equipment, Automatic Test Equipment, Pressure Sensors, Force Transducers, Accelerometers, ...
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Instrotech specialises in process control and industrial electronic equipment. We deliver a proven range of instruments to suit analogue, serial, parallel, speed, counting, flow, temperature, pressure, level and weighing applications.
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Calog portable load cell display
Supplier news
14/05/13 - Available from Instrotech Australia, the Calog is a small, rugged and portable handheld battery or auxiliary-powered load cell display.
TLP-NB wire/cable tension load cells
Supplier news
26/01/11 - Bestech Australia offers the TLP-NB wire/cable tension load cells.
LED Load Cell Weighing Indicator
Supplier news
21/07/10 - Instrotech Australia offers Model 4004 4-digit (-1999 to 9999) LED load cell weighing indicator designed for mV inputs from load cells, strain gauges and strain gauge pressure transmitters.
LSB600 High Capacity Load Cell
Supplier news
27/11/09 - The LSB600 S-Beam Load Cell is a high capacity tension and compression transducer with a wide capacity, ranging from 10,000 lbs to 25,000 lbs.
LED Load Cell Indicators
Supplier news
17/09/09 - Model 5004 is a 5 digit (-199999 to 199999) LED Load Cell Indicator designed for mV inputs from load cells, strain gauges and strain gauge pressure transmitters.
Replacement LVDTs for power generation industry
Supplier news
28/08/09 - Bestech Australia can announce that it now supplies exact replacement Power Generation LVDTs, from Macrosensors, that match other manufacturer designs, but at a lower cost and with greater availability.
Supplier news
12/08/09 - Bestech Australia presents the model 8451 load cell for a hand or pneumatic operated press, from Burster.
Supplier news
05/05/09 - FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics, have added the LCB500 tension and compression load cell to their USB sensor solution line.

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