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Supports weights up to 180kg
Chess Engineering Pty Ltd
Chess Engineering provide a range of Spring Balancers that help reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity in the workplace.
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Prentice Industries provide a leading range of safety equipment, mezzanine gates, forklift truck attachments and container ramps.
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Founded in 1967, Chess Engineering is a multi-skilled engineering company. Chess Engineering is most active in Rail, Food Mining and the Construction sectors. Chess Industries offer Material Handling Products, Fabrication, Machining, ...
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KBK suspension monorails
Supplier news
31/08/07 - The special profiles of the KBK system are particularly suitable for applications such as tracks for load balancers fitted with testing devices and electric and pneumatic tools, etc. and power supply lines for cranes and other mobile equipment.
Setting up the system is done using a laptop PC.
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19/09/02 - TYSCI Technologies’ bogie assembly machine is used in the assembly and testing of railway car bogies and makes extensive use of hydraulics to operate the many actuators and associated functions. Hydraulics was selected over pneumatics because of its ...
Supplier news
12/03/02 - INTERCAD has announced the launch of the ELSA Synergy4 Quadro4 550XGL graphics accelerator based on the Nvidia Quadro4 550XGL graphics processor. The new Synergy4 board is designed for users of entry-level and mid-range 3D CAD and engineering applications.
The Rocky-4782E2V single board computer.
Supplier news
28/02/02 - ICP Electronics Australia has released its first Pentium 4 single board computer, the Rocky-4782E2V. This board features 32MB of Video SDRAM and Dual LAN. The Rocky-4782E2V supports a Socket-478 Pentium 4 processor with 400MHz system bus, an Intel 845 ...
Rocky-3706EVG single board computer.
Supplier news
22/02/02 - ICP Electronics Australia has announced the release of its first single board computer to support a Tualatin Pentium III/Celeron CPU and 64-bit/66MHz PCI bus, the Rocky-3706EVG. Fitted with a Tualatin Pentium III CPU, it supports up to 2GB SDRAM and ...
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25/01/02 - Five storage networking leaders have co-operated to jointly develop two storage area network (SAN) solutions designed to streamline storage management and offer multiple protective and data availability options through interoperability.
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11/12/01 - ICP Electronics has released the Rocky-3703EVR PICMG single board computer (SBC) with dual LAN, VGA, audio and IDE RAID. This Socket-370-based board provides data transmission performance in a cost effective manner.

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