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Slitter holders from Norman G Clark
Supplier news
30/06/08 - EMT International manufactures high quality slitting systems and accessories for the paper, converting and printing industries.
Norman G Clark - Diesel Catalyst
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27/06/08 - Norman G Clark has introduced Nett Technologies’ diesel catalysts.
Hydrogen powered car
Supplier news
05/10/07 - igus igubal polymer pivoting bearings are maintenance-free; requiring no grease or oil.
Igus igubal polymer bearings for hydrogen powered car
Supplier news
02/07/07 - Various products in the igus range of iglidur polymer bearings are being applied in testing conditions including the testing of a hydrogen powered car as well as general applications in offshore drilling stations.
Linear connector motors
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15/03/07 - Electromagnetic linear direct drives differ from classical mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic drives by virtue of their flexible, exclusively software controls, much higher dynamics and practically unrestricted positionability.
LA36 actuator
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18/01/07 - More than 25 years of dedicated linear motion research and development has been built into LINAK LA36 actuator.
Two LX80L units - pencil path.
Supplier news
27/04/06 - PARKER, represented by Motion Solutions Australia, has announced the release of the LX80L. Designed to offer both a miniature cross section and long travel (up to 750mm), the LX80L is an excellent complement to the MX80 product family where more than ...
Non-contact transducer matches wear-prone linear pots
Supplier news
24/03/06 - BALLUFF'S patented new Micropulse BIW transducer is a first in linear positioning technology, offering superior non-contact positioning accuracy in a form factor matching a linear pot. The Micropulse BIW uses all-new, patented, pulse-inductive technology.
Designed to deliver a two dimensional planar motion.
Supplier news
06/10/05 - VIBRAQ Corporation Limited, an Australian research and development company, has launched a new platform technology - the planetary electric motor - with unique functionality for vibrating and mixing a
Non-contact analogue position sensor.
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25/05/04 - BALLUFF-Leuze has released the BIL non-contact analogue position sensor. The magnetoinductive linear position sensor provides accurate and continuous positioning information.
Supplier news
06/08/02 - ALBA Tooling has installed the Swiss built Agie/Mikron machining centre described by distributor Bliss & Reels sales manager Bob McInness as a “vertical universal”. Agie/Mikron claims to be the only machine tool manufacturer with a range of machines ...

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