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DFPI controlled linear actuator
Supplier news
01/12/11 - Festo presents the DFPI integrated linear actuators designed for all process valves.
TECHLINE LA12 linear actuators
Supplier news
10/10/11 - Available from LINAK Australia, the LA12 linear actuator is a practical and cost effective alternative to traditional pneumatic systems and gear motors.
Nozdrive linear actuators
Supplier news
25/05/11 - T.E.A. Transmissions discusses its new Nozdrive linear actuators and their new level of performance.
GPSA Electric Control Valve Actuators from Rotork Australia
Supplier news
16/11/10 - GPSA Electric Control Valve Actuators from Rotork Australia have been designed for use in chemical dosing.
Linear actuators
Supplier news
09/11/10 - Bishop Wisecarver Corporation present LoPro linear actuators, based on proven DualVee guide wheel technology.
The BB3 lelectric ifting column from LINAK Australia
Supplier news
20/09/10 - The BB3 lifting column from LINAK Australia is used for lifting beds on a vertical angle.
Supplier news
15/09/10 - The DL1 from LINAK Australia is a motor powered desk lifting column designed for optimum user freedom.
DTS positioning table systems use oval and rectangular track systems
Supplier news
14/09/10 - DTS positioning table systems from Bishop Wisecarver Corporation use oval and rectangular track systems.
LA23 Linear Actuator
Supplier news
13/07/10 - LINAK Australia offers the new LA23 linear actuator, a small and compact product with high strength and lifting power.
Airstroke actuators
Supplier news
29/04/10 - Airstrokes actuators from Air Springs Supply are highly engineered rubber and fabric air bags.
Heavy Duty Linear Slides
Supplier news
11/03/10 - Hepco Motion has greatly expanded its range of Heavy Duty Slide Systems which will meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.
LinRace linear guideway system from T.E.A Transmissions
Supplier news
10/11/09 - T.E.A. Transmissions announced the introduction of their LinRace Linear Guideway System.

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