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Light Bars

Mentor Specialised LED Light Guide Systems for Decorative and Architectural Lighting
Mentor's specialised LED light guide systems from ERNTEC offer a uniform performance and require minimum repairs
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At our production facility, Erntec has state of the art machines and practical experience to design, manufacture and integrate enclosure solutions. We also supply precision electromechanical components from Europe into Australia & New Zealand. From ...
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LED Lighting Products Australia supply a huge range of LED light bulbs, downlights, tube lights, par lamps and flood lights, plus cabinet and display lighting.
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Tenrod Australia is a source for high quality LEDs, and LED Lighting, Large LED Video Screens and LED Curtains, LED Tubes, Flexible LED Light Strips. Tenrod also offer a wide range of electronics components including LCDs and Vacuum Fluorescent ...
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With products that include Shrouds, Wear Plates, Blades, Earthmoving buckets, Backeye CCTV Systems, Strobe and Rotator Beaconlights, Industrial tool boxes, as well as specialty equipment, Roylance’s are an experienced family owned and run Automotive, ...
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High brightness LED
Supplier news
19/01/09 - Marl Optosource are distributors of high brightness LEDs to organisations, such as Eastman Kodak, BAE Systems, Bombardier Transportation, EMI Music and London Underground. These high brightness LEDs are also available from Aerospace & Defence Products.
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26/03/08 - Britax Automotive Equipment offers gamut of products like light bars, mirrors, switches, vehicle lighting, flashing warning beacons, connectors, warning lighting and many more. Britax Automotive Equipment is one of the parts of Public Safety Equipment ...
Supplier news
25/03/08 - Britax Automotive Equipment is a division of Public Safety Equipment Group, which has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing innovative and automotive emergency lighting.
Evolution range of light bar
Supplier news
19/02/08 - The evolution range from Roylance’s is a low profile light bar which includes rotators and measures 108mm in total height.
Khatod Optoelectronic light bars.
Supplier news
05/12/05 - KHATOD Optoelectronic, represented in Australia by Tenrod, has recently introduced a new line of light bar, light diffuser and dot matrix into its range of products, which are compatible with more than 95% of the light bars on the market.

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