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Rotary Sling
Supplier news
26/03/09 - Vector Lifting specialises in the provision of a range of material handling equipment.
The VacuMaster Light 100-4
Supplier news
25/03/09 - A piano manufacturer considered the automated loading of the new woodworking machine. Loading by hand took too long and in many cases required two people. Handling of the raw materials and finished pa
Vacuum-powered handling device
Supplier news
09/03/09 - The economical production, commissioning and distribution of goods can be achieved with a mixture of automation and manual work. Most in the industry have recognised that it is not enough to purchase a new, super-fast machine tool if this machine stands ...
Synchronous lifting technology used at Akkerwinde bridge
Supplier news
16/02/09 - Synchronous lifting technology was used in Europe recently to hoist a bridge. The Akkerwinde bridge in the Netherlands is both an aesthetic landmark and a functional heavy traffic bridge, capable of accommodating vehicles of 60 tons or more. The synchronous ...
The Gorbel ceiling mounted work station crane
Supplier news
09/02/09 - A printer was concerned at the risk of injury and the time taken by workers to move and change print rollers. A Gorbel ceiling mounted crane, supplied by Safetech, provided the solution. It was a GLCSLX500/250-15AL-34 with a chain hoist and custom mechanical ...
Scissor lift table
Supplier news
06/02/09 - Safetech have expanded their range of scissor lift table options to create an extensive array of capacities and features that provide the factory and warehouse with complete lifting and work positioni
Cheeta hand trucks available from OFS Office Furniture and Storage Solutions
Supplier news
02/02/09 - The Cheeta powered hand truck, available from OFS Office Furniture and Storage Solutions, is a universal lifting device, which reduces the effort required to move heavy and awkward loads. The Cheeta hand truck has a unique drive system (patent pending) ...
The VacuMaster Light compact lifting device
Supplier news
29/01/09 - Millsom Materials Handling offer VacuMaster Light compact lifting devices that make work easier in applications where large numbers of light workpieces need to be handled. The VacuMaster Light compact lifting device can be used to grip and transport ...
Gorbel Monorail cranes
Supplier news
19/01/09 - Safetech have released a new range of Gorbel Monorail cranes that provide all the features and benefits of the Gorbel workstation cranes in a monorail. Monorails are suitable for true linear movement. The systems can be readily adapted for sophisticated ...
The MX A-Arm stretch film wrapper
Supplier news
16/01/09 - Light pallet loads are difficult to wrap with conventional stretch film wrappers. The Safetech MX A-Arm stretch film wrapper can safely and effectively contain light loads because of its unique wrapping process.
Stretch tape wrapper
Supplier news
14/01/09 - Gladland Flowers choose stretch tape wrapper using 3M stretchable tape, available from Safetech, to transport large number of pallets to markets around Australia safely with load integrity and the ability for the load to be able to breathe.
Scissor lifts table
Supplier news
13/01/09 - The AS1-900 scissor lifts tables, available from Safetech, are ideal for adjustable workbench applications. With the AS1-900 scissor lifts tables, components are moved along fixed height benches as the products have parts added.

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