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FCI OEM level sensors
Supplier news
01/06/10 - The OEM Series of Level Sensors from Fluid Components International (FCI) offers superior accuracy, fast response and long-term reliability.
Sultan dual transducer acoustic wave series
Supplier news
23/04/10 - Hawk Measurement, a leading global provider of level, positioning and flow measurement technology, has introduced the new Sultan Dual Transducer for Level, Flow, Positioning and Collision Protection.
Single axis inclinometer sensors detect angular tilt through a full 360 degree range
Supplier news
19/04/10 - Recently introduced by Turck, the new single axis inclinometer sensors are used for detecting angular tilt with an adjustable measuring range of 360 degrees.
The MS series liquid level sensor from Bestech Australia
Supplier news
14/04/10 - Bestech Australia specialises in providing measurement and control technology to Australian and NZ market. Their MS series liquid level sensor monitors the level of oil, beer and other beverages in the storage and shipment.
Spill, leakage and level detectors are suited to potentially explosive atmospheres
Supplier news
18/03/10 - Jola’s range of liquid spill, leakage and level detectors is now available from Alvi Technologies.
Endress + Hauser Australia introduce the FMP5x range of level measurement sensors
Supplier news
11/03/10 - The new Levelflex M FMP5x range of sensors from Endress + Hauser ensures cost-efficient, reliable, continuous level measurement performance even under the most demanding application conditions.
Inert isolation solenoid valves
Supplier news
09/03/10 - Gems Sensors & Controls, a market leader in custom made fluid sensing and control solutions, announces their new K Series inert isolation solenoid valves.
New capacitive level sensors
Supplier news
08/03/10 - Control Components are pleased to announce the release of the new CAP-100 and CAP-200 Series Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors, from Gems Sensors & Controls offering a unique level sensing solution for
Electro-optic level sensors
Supplier news
03/03/10 - Gems Sensors & Controls a global leader in liquid level, pressure, and flow sensors, valves, and fluidic systems, introduces the new solid state Electro-Optic Level Switch for high temperature and high-pressure applications.
Vibrating level switch VEGASWING and electrode EL 3 for oil/water detection
Supplier news
26/02/10 - The new float version with level switch Vegaswing 63 and electrode EL 3 for oil/water detection is now available from Vega Australia.
SmartScan 50 ultrasonic level sensors from Solid Applied Technologies
Supplier news
21/01/10 - Several dozens of SmartScan 50 ultrasonic level sensors from Solid Applied Technologies will monitor the sewer level and provide combined sewer overflow alerts in Israel.
Prosonic S FDU90 ultrasonic sensors
Supplier news
18/01/10 - Endress + Hauser’s new Prosonic S FDU90 ultrasonic sensors for continuous, non-contact level and flow measurement have a 70mm blocking distance.

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