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Capacitance Probes
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21/09/10 - Pacific Sensor Technologies offers BinMaster PROCAP capacitance probes with a flexible, extendable cable designed for high, mid or low level detection.
Submersible Pressure Sensor
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20/09/10 - Bestech Australia presents the AST4500/4510 submersible pressure sensors from American Sensor Technologies.
Rotation Switch Level Control
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15/09/10 - The Rotation Switch Series operates under the basis of a measuring vane driven by a brushless synchronous motor.
Tank Level Measurement for Liquid Tanks
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13/09/10 - Hawk Measurement Systems specialises in the supply of level measurement sensors for multiple applications in industrial environments.
Sultan liquid level sensors emit a high powered acoustic wave
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07/09/10 - Sultan liquid level sensors, available from Hawk Measurement Systems, emit a high powered Acoustic Wave transmit pulse that is reflected from the surface of the liquid being measured.
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02/09/10 - HydroTerra manufactures a range of water level sensors, including the Observant L1, which is designed for use in dams, rivers and tanks.
Solinst 101 water level meters
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01/09/10 - The 101 model of Solinst water level meters from Hydroterra are suitable for measuring the depth of water in wells, boreholes and standpipes, with an accuracy of 1/100 ft.
Bestech Australia liquid level sensors
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29/07/10 - Bestech Australia has announced that they are now stocking OL liquid level sensors from Nohken, Japan.
20 year old level measurement sensor used in the mining sector that still operates due to the face and cone being cleaned with Acoustic Wave technology
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15/07/10 - Hawk Measurement Systems has been manufacturing level measurement sensors for over two decades, many of which have been spent working within the mining industry.
Water management - Hydrosense portable soil moisture meters
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23/06/10 - Efficient water management is becoming more and more important for both environmental and fiscal reasons.
Data loggers
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15/06/10 - The CR800, CR850 and CR1000 data loggers have been widely used in hydrological and hydrographic applications throughout Australia and many other countries throughout the world.
P.M.C. MTM 3000 miniature depth and level pressure sensors available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration
Supplier news
15/06/10 - Available from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration, P.M.C. MTM 3000 miniature depth and level pressure sensors are available for applications where space is limited.

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