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AST4530 PVDF/ PTFE submersible pressure transducers
Supplier news
19/06/13 - Bestech Australia presents a new range of PVDF submersible pressure transducers designed as an alternative to ultrasonic and radar sensors.
CG300 Series capacitance type level sensor and display
Supplier news
28/05/13 - Bestech Australia introduces the new CG300 series level sensors from NOHKEN.
Supplier news
30/01/13 - VEGA Australia announces a new desktop link called VEGA USB-Scan designed for fast setup and commissioning of VEGA instruments via PC.
Smart Bob AO level sensor
Supplier news
29/10/12 - Pacific Sensor Technologies introduces the Smart Bob AO level sensors for monitoring bin level measurement data.
GWR-1000 guided wave radar level sensor
Supplier news
25/10/12 - Pacific Sensor Technologies announces the introduction of the BinMaster Guided Wave Radar (GWR-1000) level sensor.
Hannover Fair 2012: Hands-on Measurement Technology at the VEGA Exhibition
Supplier news
20/08/12 - Measurement technology from VEGA Grieshaber KG attracted the attention of customers and visitors from various countries at the Hannover Fair 2012.
SICK’s new LFP Cubic level sensor
Supplier news
27/07/12 - SICK presents the LFP Cubic, a new range of level measurement sensors designed for maximum flexibility and measuring accuracy.
VISY-Stick tank level gauges feature high grade stainless steel parts
Supplier news
28/05/12 - Bintech now stocks VISY-Stick tank level gauges, highly accurate devices manufactured by FAFNIR for applications that require accurate stock and loss control.
The ability of VISY-Stick Flex level sensors to be rolled up for transportation makes them a versatile level sensing solution that is easy to install and set up
Supplier news
26/04/12 - VISY-Stick Flex level sensors from Bintech are versatile devices designed for installation in bulk storage tanks that can be rolled up for easy transportation.
iSens-L wirless level sensors feature a long range of up to 8.05km
Supplier news
18/04/12 - Now available from Latitude Products, iSens-L wirless level sensors have been designed as a reliable and cost effective solution for remotely monitoring tank levels, and preventing spills and overflow
Flowline EchoPod DL34 ultrasonic level transmitter
Supplier news
27/03/12 - Hach Pacific presents the Flowline EchoPod DL34, a range of general purpose ultrasonic level transmitters designed to provide continuous level measurement up to 5.5m with a 4-20 mA signal output.
FCI's  Flow Instrumentation Products
Supplier news
16/03/12 - Fluid Components International (FCI) has been chosen as the No. 1 supplier of thermal mass flow meters and flow switches by the readers of Control magazine.

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