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Water Soluble Plastics, Flat Packed Bags
Water Soluble Plastics are composed of 75 per cent of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) the balance being compound plasticisers and organic additive
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PACKSPEC, a packaging supplier and importer of paperboard recyclable pallets with two tonne capacity.
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BioPak provide Australian companies sustainable packaging solutions specific to the food service industry. All packaging products are made from biodegradable materials and renewable resources. Packaging products include coffee cups, containers, ...
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Water soluble film pack
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05/05/14 - Sustainable practices being adopted by the packaging industry are leading to the increased use of water soluble plastics across several industries.
Water soluble laundry bags for healthcare and infection control
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19/01/11 - PACKSPEC now have 100% water soluble laundry bags available healthcare and infection control.

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