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Laser Protective Glasses

We stock a comprehensive range of Personal Protective Equipment and Industrial Apparel: Importing worldwide, distributing the major Australian brands and manufacturing in-house.
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Dioptika offer Optical and Laser Solutions. They supply and manufacture laser beam expanders and laser and IPL safety glasses.
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LG-004 and LG-004L fitover red laser glasses feature a strong and comfortable
Supplier news
22/10/10 - Available from Dioptika Laser Glasses, LG-004 (High OD) and LF-004L fitover laser glasses feature an adaptable design that is strong yet comfortable. The LG-400 model also comes with a rubber brow.
LG-006 fitover laser glasses can be used with or without prescription glasses
Supplier news
21/10/10 - Available from Dioptika Laser Glasses, LG-006 and LG006N red alignment laser glasses feature a robust, comfortable, and adjustable design.
CO2 Laser safety goggles
Supplier news
21/08/09 - Laser safety Goggles provide protection against Carbon Dioxide CO2 lasers with an optical density of 7+ at 10,600nm (10.6um).
Wide range of products available at Dioptika Laser Glasses
Supplier news
20/11/08 - Products available fro Dioptika Laser Glasses include beam expanders, Expander Laser Modules, laser safety glasses and optical components for lasers.

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