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Mambo 594 nm DPSS Laser
Supplier news
11/09/08 - Warsash Scientific have released the compact Cobolt Mambo to further expand Cobolt's product portfolio of compact visible lasers into the orange.
MicroStac series of SMT connectors
Supplier news
11/09/08 - The MicroStac 6 pin single row SMT Connector with 0.8mm pitch and with SMT termination, available from Erntec, is based on a hermaphroditic design.
AM 2224 miniature Stepper Motor
Supplier news
10/09/08 - The new 2-phase miniature Stepper Motor, available from Erntec, has a diameter of 22mm and a high power-to-volume ratio.
BLUE-Wave UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometer
Supplier news
10/09/08 - Warsash Scientific offer StellarNet’s new range of miniature BLUE-Wave UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometers. 15 models provide configurations for a variety of spectral ranges and resolutions with dispersive optics imaging to a 2048 element CCD detector array.
Smoovy series 0515 ... B brushless DC micromotor
Supplier news
09/09/08 - Despite compact dimensions of 5mm outer diameter and a length of 15mm, the new smoovy series 0515 ... B, available from Erntec, offers ample power, with minimal current consumption.
SC 1801 and SC 2804 series of software-controlled PI controller
Supplier news
08/09/08 - The new SC 1801 and SC 2804 series of software-controlled PI controller, available from Erntec, enables the universal operation, with one and the same controller, of either electronically commutated drives (BL) or brush-type DC motors with sensors for ...
Supplier news
05/09/08 - Novasys Group have opened a brand new website that is highly visual, yet provides a wealth of information about HunterLab, a colour instrument supplier.
Vented slimline shelf
Supplier news
05/09/08 - Erntec’s vented slimline shelve supports weights up to 30kg. It is supplied with mounting hardware and can be made to depths of 600mm, 700mm or 800mm.
ASP series of Miniature Stepper Motors
Supplier news
03/09/08 - The ASP series of Miniature Stepper Motors, available from Erntec, offers system designers that use battery, capacitor or solar cell based power to include, along with their low consumption processors, mechanical functions normally not possible with ...
EPP2000-CXR Spectrocolourimeter
Supplier news
03/09/08 - Warsash Scientific present StellarNet’s EPP2000-CXR Spectrocolourimeter, a low cost instrument for any colour measurement application.
Motion controllers for brush and brushless DC-Motors
Supplier news
02/09/08 - The compact FAULHABER motion controllers, available from Erntec, are now more efficient and can be optionally operated through a RS232 or CAN interface.
DS20HE-1064 series of diode pumped solid state lasers
Supplier news
02/09/08 - Photonics Industries' enhanced DS series of diode pumped solid state lasers are available in Australia from Warsash Scientific.

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