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2- Component plastic bow- type handle
Supplier news
21/10/08 - Erntec offer the 2- Component plastic bow- type handles. This new handle product line in 2-component design connects functionality and look through the choice of different materials.
Connector system for photovoltaic modules
Supplier news
20/10/08 - Switches Plus Components have announced the introduction of a connector system for photovoltaic modules. The connector system features quality contact and waterproof properties.
The Announcer
Supplier news
20/10/08 - Switches Plus Components provide the Announcer manufactured by Floyd Bell, which is a small and efficient device for playing pre-recorded voice and audio messages up to ten seconds at 95 dB. The Announcer is the same size as a standard piezo alarm. ...
Turning knob lighting set
Supplier news
17/10/08 - Mentor’s new turning knob lighting set, available from Erntec, helps to get the right knack. The illumination unit makes it possible to see the exact setting of the knob, regardless of the ambient light.
Illuminated handle
Supplier news
16/10/08 - Safe grip in the dark and indication of states and conditions Mentor's innovative illuminated bow-type handles offer real added value to the user. The illuminated handles are available from Erntec.
3mm horizontal multi-LEDs in SMD-technique
Supplier news
15/10/08 - Suitable for displaying switching status Mentor developed horizontal SMD components for 3mm LEDs. The 3mm horizontal multi-LEDs in SMD-technique are available from Erntec.
Maggylamp halogen machine lamps
Supplier news
13/10/08 - Redbank Instruments offer a range of Maggylamp halogen machine lamps. These lamps make dark work areas as safer work areas because the operators can see their jobs.
Sifam Instruments’ AL19 Retro audio level analogue panel meters
Supplier news
10/10/08 - The AL19 Retro audio level analogue panel meters of Sifam Instruments are available from Switches Plus Components. These meters offer performance to meet the specific audio market requirement for both quality and distinctive ‘retro’ styling at an affordable ...
Designerline Toggle Switches
Supplier news
07/10/08 - Aerospace & Defence Products (ADP) have released a line of environmentally-sealed Designerline toggle switches that are completely sealed against dust, moisture and other contaminants.
MicroStac 12 pin single row SMT Connector
Supplier news
03/10/08 - The MicroStac 12 pin single row SMT Connector with 0.8mm pitch and with SMT termination, available from Erntec, is based on a hermaphroditic design. As a result, the male and the female connectors are identical.
Desk Top Miniature Enclosures Series 2000
Supplier news
02/10/08 - Erntec distribute Series 2000 Desk Top Miniature enclosures.
Power board for 19” cabinets available from Erntec
Supplier news
01/10/08 - The power boards for 19” cabinets are available from Erntec. The power boards are capable of being mounted vertical or horizontal.

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