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Amalgam longlife UV lamps
Supplier news
16/07/09 - Available from Heraeus Amba Australia, Amalgam longlife UV lamps are high power, low pressure and do not react to temperature fluctuations.
Derungs Halux 50 C FX examination lamp now available from Redbank Instruments
Supplier news
07/07/09 - The Derungs Halux 50 C FX examination lamp gives out 48,000 lux at 0.5m. This range of examination lamps have been designed for hospital emergency/treatment rooms, doctors’ surgeries and animal hospitals.
Vacuum UV lamps for Aerosol and Aerosolate treatment
Supplier news
06/05/09 - Vacuum UV lamps (VUV lamps) for the kitchen extraction air photolyse greases and odours in the ductwork and facilitate its scrubbing. VUV lamps, available from Heraeus Amba Australia, can even be used at ambient temperatures of up to 80ºC.
FS-250A LED Ganzfeld research and development tool
Supplier news
24/04/09 - The FS-250A LED Ganzfeld is a research and development tool, recommended for University departments and research institutes studying the fundamentals of vision.
Controflex Ribbon switches for safety and warning indicators
Supplier news
09/04/09 - Switches Plus Components present the Controflex Ribbon switches. These switches are suitable for safety and warning indicators.
Illuminated Tray Handle System
Supplier news
06/04/09 - Erntec launched the illuminated tray handle system, which allows several options in the customer specific handling.
Absolute luminous flux integrator
Supplier news
03/04/09 - The absolute luminous flux integrator (ALFI), available from Photometric Solutions International, is a device designed for absolute measurement of luminous flux of lamps.
Halux 50 C FX examination lamp
Supplier news
03/04/09 - Redbank Instruments are now offering the of Halux range of examination lamps. These Swiss made medical lamps are manufactured by Derungs in Switzerland, who have more than 65 years experience with lig
LG-1.2 rotating luminaire goniophotometer
Supplier news
05/02/09 - The LG-1.2 is a compact rotating luminaire goniophotometer for photometric characterisations of lamps or luminaries and is available from Photometric Solutions International. It is designed for manufacturers or institutions who do not have the space ...
SCR digital power controllers
Supplier news
21/01/09 - Infralight Technology have released SCR digital power controllers from Para Ente Korea. SCR digital power controllers can provide safety and accuracy to heating and production processes.
Supplier news
15/01/09 - With high-energy Heraeus UV lamps, available form Heraeus Amba Australia, a subsidiary of Heraeus Noblelight GmbH, contaminated water, air and surfaces can be disinfected and cleaned safely. The use of chemicals can be either minimised or avoided altogether. ...
Clean air by Heraeus UV lamps
Supplier news
14/01/09 - UV lamps, available from Heraeus Amba Australia, are used for disinfection in air intake ducting and in storage rooms to produce air of very low germ count in production areas and storage rooms. Ozone-generating UV lamps are fitted in kitchen exhaust ...

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