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New energy saving LED work lamps
Supplier news
17/01/11 - Redbank Instruments are now offering their new range of LED machine and work lamps.
Supplier news
25/11/10 - Maggyvue Opal magnifying lamps from Redbank Instruments can be either wall, bench or floor mounted.
Maggy Lamps from Redbank Instruments
Supplier news
24/11/10 - Maggy Lamps from Redbank Instruments are available in three different models.
Xenon HID Work Lamps from Roylance's
Supplier news
11/10/10 - The Xenon HID Work Lamps combine Xenon H.I.D and free form reflector technology to produce superior light output.
Ultra View LED Headlights
Supplier news
09/08/10 - Redbank Instruments have released their new Ultra View range of LED headlights.
Quartz Halogen Low Voltage Work Lamps
Supplier news
03/05/10 - Quartz Halogen Low Voltage Work Lamps from TEA Transmissions are ideal for use in any work place where efficient, intense spot illumination is needed.
H Series LEDs from Tenrod Australia
Supplier news
07/04/10 - Tenrod Australia specialises in supplying, LED lighting modules, large LED video screens, LCDs and vacuum fluorescent displays. Their H series LEDs are high intensity 5mm round and oval lamp
Philips Eco Classic 30 Series halogen lightbulb in the candle shape
Supplier news
29/03/10 - ProDesign specialises in providing process control systems. Their Philips Lamps Eco Classic 30 series allow up to 30% energy savings
New 256 and 257 series MR16 and MR11 bulb replacements
Supplier news
12/03/10 - Two new Marl LEDs have been developed from Aerospace and Defence Products to directly replace MR16 and MR11 bulbs, incorporating the latest LED technology for outstanding performance in accent and gen
LED Spot Light
Supplier news
08/03/10 - The Waldmann Spot LED Machine Lamps are German manufactured and designed for illuminating lathes, drills, mills and workshop machinery.
LED PAR 38 bulb from Redbank Instruments
Supplier news
12/01/10 - This new designed LED PAR 38 bulb from Redbank Instruments has a unique heatsink which conducts the heat away from the lamp.
 Maggylamp dock lights, now available from Redbank Instruments
Supplier news
11/01/10 - The ML 390 dock light from Redbank Instruments combines the strength of a standard dock light arm with the added flexibility of a dual axis hinge to create a versatile and durable product.

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