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SRC connector system
Supplier news
14/08/08 - The small size of the single-row, 1.27mm pitch SRC connector system makes it suitable for space-saving board to cable connections. The SRC connector system, available from Erntec, can be used in a wide range of applications in various sectors such as ...
D-Sub High Power Connectors 7W2
Supplier news
13/08/08 - The D-Sub High Power Connectors 7W2, available from Erntec, were built as pure high current versions or as mixed connectors which are also loaded with signal contacts.
MicroSpeed Power Module Connectors
Supplier news
12/08/08 - The MicroSpeed Power Module Connectors, available from Erntec, with 2.0mm contact pitch fulfils the need for miniaturised and high reliability power systems and offers a large number of options for mezzanine applications. One of its unique features is ...
DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 female DIN connectors from Erntec
Supplier news
11/08/08 - Erntec offer their range of ERNI female DIN connectors. The DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 female DIN connectors offer several advantages.
ERNI pin header
Supplier news
08/08/08 - The ERNI pin header range, available from Erntec, offers several possibilities to users who need to connect two PCBs which are arranged on top of each other or to attach connecting cables to PCBs inside the equipment.
SafetyBUS p Connector
Supplier news
07/08/08 - The SafetyBUS p Connectors, from Erntec, utilises the advantages of the CAN bus. A protocol has been developed by Pilz that satisfies safety engineering requirements.
Profibus Ex i connectors
Supplier news
06/08/08 - Erntec offers a special Profibus specification for safety-orientated intrinsically safe applications. Intrinsic safety is achieved by limiting the energy. At low voltage, this is reflected, among other things, by a higher current density in the bus line, ...
Profibus connector
Supplier news
05/08/08 - Profibus is a widely used field bus. The IP 20 interface on the device side is standardised as a 9-pin D-Sub female connector. With its comprehensive program, Erntec provides customers with various options.
19” Desktop Enclosure
Supplier news
04/08/08 - 19” Desktop Enclosure is available from Erntec. The InterMeZo housing is based on a frame work construction composed of profiles and angle connectors. Flexible design permits the assembly of individual sizes in a quick and cost effective manner.
ERbic MAX CAN Switch Connector
Supplier news
01/08/08 - The ERbic MAX CAN Switch Connector, from Erntec, designates the metal version with axial cable outlet. A special feature of the ERbic MAX CAN Switch Connector is the robust diecast metal housing, making it ideal for applications in rough environments, ...
DP series solid-state diode pulse pumped laser
Supplier news
01/08/08 - Warsash Scientific has presented Photonics Industries' new line of solid-state diode pulse pumped lasers. This new line of DP series solid-state diode pulse pumped lasers incorporates their patented intra-cavity harmonic generation technology to produce ...
CAN-Bus connector
Supplier news
30/07/08 - The CAN bus, originally developed for automobile engine management, is highly reliable. The CAN-Bus connector is available from Erntec.

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