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Ladder Lifts

Incorporating Attic Ladders P/L and Roof Space Converters. Your one stop shop for accessing and converting your roof space to whatever you desire- bedroom, storage room, observatory- whatever! With safety handrails, wide steptreads and a gentle slope, ...
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Materials Handling specialises in the movement, control and protection of goods as they are manufactured, distributed, stored, used and disposed of environmentally and safely while improving profitability and productivity. Products include access equipment, ...
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A block-brick elevator from Kennards Lift & Shift
Supplier news
01/08/16 - Moving building and landscaping materials is much easier with specialist hire equipment from Kennards Lift & Shift.
SR 450 battery-electric rubber tracked stair-climber from Kennards Lift and Shift for heavy office machines
Supplier news
01/08/16 - A major supplier has no difficulty delivering large office machines to factories, warehouses and other locations where stairs have to be navigated.
Kennards Ladder Lift.
Supplier news
26/07/16 - KENNARDS Lift & Shift, the materials handling division of Kennards Hire, has added the Ladder Lift to its range of equipment.
MatHand 150 Solar Panel Ladder Lift
Supplier news
07/06/10 - Now available from Materials Handling, the MatHand 150 Solar Panel Ladder Lift is an ideal choice for solar technology industries to safely lift solar panels and hot water systems onto roofs.

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