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Interfil's high speed centrifuge.
Supplier news
04/04/11 - Interfil has released a high speed centrifuge suitable for a number of centrifuge applications and capable of reducing the cost of liquid waste disposal.
Petrifilm aqua plates for water testing
Supplier news
18/03/11 - 3M Food Safety has unveiled the launch of a new range of petrifilm aqua plates, which aim to bring the convenience of food microbiology testing to the water and beverage processing industries.
John Morris Scientific have launched a laboratory equipment online shopping website
Supplier news
04/02/11 - John Morris Scientific are proud to now offer online shopping for their customers laboratory needs.
Dissolver 492 II laboratory high-speed stirrer
Supplier news
27/01/11 - Testequip now have Dissolver 492 I and Dissolver 492 II laboratory high speed stirrers available, new from ERICHSEN.
3M Petrifilm Coliform Count Plates indicate microbial levels in foods
Supplier news
25/01/11 - 3M Petrifilm Coliform Count Plates from 3M Food Safety (Microbiology) test for coliforms quickly, efficiently, and reliably.
SKOEP laboratory freezer
Supplier news
19/01/11 - ENLAKE is proud to announce its comprehensive range of laboratory freezers now available.
ThalesNano O-Cube flow reactor
Supplier news
19/01/11 - Available now from John Morris Scientific, the new flow reactor from ThalesNano, the O-Cube, has been specifically designed to take the risk out of ozonolysis and other low temperature reactions.
SKOEP laboratory refrigerator
Supplier news
18/01/11 - ENLAKE is proud to announce the release of a comprehensive range of laboratory refrigerators.
FCI Flow Calibration Laboratory
Supplier news
07/01/11 - Engineers with challenging flow meter applications will now have access to a new video offering an informative tour of the Flow Calibration Laboratory at Fluid Components International (FCI).
Chemical Protective Clothing and Gloves
Supplier news
16/12/10 - RCR International Pty Ltd specialises in the supply of a comprehensive range of chemical protective clothing and gloves for commercial and industrial environments.
Terumo Needles
Supplier news
06/12/10 - Signet supplies a wide range of Terumo needles and syringes as part of the medical instruments range in their new healthcare catalogue.
Photometric equipment - FS-250A LED Ganzfelds
Supplier news
17/11/10 - Photometric Solutions International offer a small range of specialised and customised photometric equipment for various applications

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